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Why KIS?


Welcome to KIS International School. Feel the welcoming atmosphere, see the students engaged in their learning, and experience the positive energy.

Great atmosphere at KIS

At KIS we help our students to understand the importance of balance, to think critically, to be open-minded and to develop respect and understanding between cultures. How do you know if KIS is the best international school in Bangkok for your child? Why KIS?

  • KIS excels in student learning. Students are guided by some of the world’s finest teachers who know how to help each individual child learn best and motivate them by building on their interests. Teachers are all qualified and experienced and regularly participate in professional development to ensure your child benefits from the best teaching practices.


  • KIS is a full IB World School. The IB provides an outstanding framework for learning for students from 3-19 years old. The IB is academically strong, well balanced, international, and respected globally. Unlike at some other international schools in Bangkok where the IB may be offered to selected grade levels only, at KIS students across all grade levels partake in the IB, through the IB Primary Years Programme, the IB Middle Years Programme and the IB Diploma.


  • KIS helps children learn for the future.  Through the IB students learn much more than just knowledge. KIS guides students to develop skills in such areas as: thinking critically and creatively, problem solving, reflecting, communicating, social skills, collaboration, self-management, self-motivation, resilience, emotional management, time management, research and information literacy. These skills allow them to continue learning throughout their lives and to have what it takes to be the innovators of the future.


  • KIS has an exemplary level of achievement.  The quality of education at KIS is high and consistent. Academic outcomes are well above world averages, guaranteeing that you child will receive an outstanding education. Furthermore, authorisation by the IB and accreditation by CIS give assurance that high standards are maintained in academics and the way the school operates.


  • KIS is an international community. Our students come from 53 different countries across the world. They learn through an international curriculum and use resources from different countries. Our students understand that people from different cultures may have different perspectives.


  • KIS cares about safety. Through strict child protection and safety protocols, the school provides a safe environment and tends to the well-being of the students and other community members.  


  • KIS caters to individual needs. With around 800 students and a schoolwide teacher to student ratio of less than 1:8 our students are all known, understood and respected as individuals and the sense of community is strong.


  • KIS graduates go on to excellent universities and do well there. Equipped with an IB Diploma as well as self-management and academic skills, universities admire the qualities of KIS students. Our graduates are offered places at outstanding universities around the world in an incredibly wide range of majors.


  • KIS has a lovely campus. The grounds are very spacious with plenty of green areas and trees. There are exciting playgrounds for different age groups and extensive facilities for learning. In addition to well-equipped science labs, design workshops, art and drama studios, libraries and an auditorium, the sporting facilities are also impressive, with grass sports fields, indoor airconditioned courts and three swimming pools. The school is located near the city centre and is easily accessed from areas where expat families live.

Green campus with great playgrounds

  • KIS students are admirable people. Our students are respectful, smart, thoughtful and ethical. They care about the world and each other, ready to challenge the status quo and to think about the future.


  • KIS students take action. By learning about problems the world faces, students are motivated to make a difference. They act to help people, animals and the environment, further broadening their understanding about the issues.


  • KIS has experience. The school was established in 1998 and has always been an IB school. KIS was one of the first PYP schools in the world and has had graduating classes since 2010. The school has grown and developed but maintains its integrity and positive atmosphere.


  • KIS does what is says it does. The school has clear, ethical policies and procedures which are all formulated with the best interest of the students in mind. We welcome open communication and involve the school community in strategic decisions.


  • KIS has playgroups for our youngest community members. KIS playgroups are a wonderful opportunity for children from 1-4 years old to enjoy music, arts and crafts, story time and indoor and outdoor play. The playgroups are structured, providing routines and experiences in a school environment, while allowing parents to expand their social circles and become familiar with the school community.



Who is KIS for?
KIS is for students from 3-19 years old. You will love KIS if you are keen to see your children develop their independence and a balanced lifestyle. KIS is the right fit if you feel that educating a child should be a partnership between the school, the parents and the child, and if you want to be part of a constructive community.

We hope you will tour the KIS website for information on our programmes and for an introduction to our distinctive community of learning. We then look forward to welcoming you at school. 

The KIS Admissions Team: 

Linda Belonje
Sakonwan Kangsaviboon (Khun Jub)

Janejira Moleon

Lynn Querubin