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Home » What does KIS stand for?

What does KIS stand for?

Vision: Inspiring Individuals
Vision Statement: The KIS community aims to inspire students and other community members to challenge themselves to become better people, who in turn become inspiring individuals who help make the world become a better place.
The KIS community worked together to put into words what we believe in. Our aim is to inspire individuals, while we hope that our students and other members of the community in return can go out into the world and inspire others. The vision reflects the ethos of the school- our values of making a positive difference to students by recognizing them all as individuals, and to help make the world as a whole a better place.
Mission: To be an innovative and caring community that provides all of our students with the knowledge, inspiration and spirit to be proud of themselves and their place in the world.

KIS Core Values

KNOWLEDGE: Students at KIS are able to interact with a rigorous and dynamic international curriculum developing the knowledge, skills and characteristics that will support them in the pursuit of their goals and in becoming lifelong learners in an ever changing and diverse global community.

INSPIRATION: KIS provides a safe and supportive environment where students and community members are encouraged to be creative and passionate about learning, share their ideas and inspire each other to be their best.

SPIRIT: The KIS spirit is evident in every aspect of the community and provides a sense of belonging. It can be seen in actions taken to encourage and help each other, and in providing service in the local community and beyond


KIS International School, together with the KIS community, developed the next 5 year strategic plan which runs from 2015 to 2020. KIS aims in the next 5 years to focus its efforts on developing the school through the big ideas described below. 

  • Be innovative in our approach to further developing creativity and design across the programmes and throughout the school.
  • Provide a clearly articulated and comprehensive programme that equips students with the knowledge, inspiration and spirit to be caring and involved world citizens. 
  • Further develop the programmes to support and meet the needs of all students in preparation for them to be proud of themselves and their place in the world
  • Ensure that KIS remains able to recruit and retain qualified and experienced community minded staff to develop, deliver and support high quality innovative programmes.
  • Enhance the creative and inspirational learning environments and facilities to support and facilitate the growth and  development of the programmes and the fulfillment of the mission.
  • Encourage the whole community to model the IB learner profile and IB attitudes, and promote interaction between different community groups to further strengthen the school community.
  • Ensure that sound financial sustainability continues to be part of KIS’s day to day management to support the vision, mission and core values of the school.