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Home » KIS Vision, Mission, and Core Values

KIS Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Vision: Inspiring Individuals


Our Mission: To offer a challenging and dynamic international education that inspires and supports students in developing the knowledge, skills, and characteristics to take responsible action for the betterment of their local and global communities.


Our Core Values: 

  • Strive for understanding 
  • Nurture passion in self and others
  • Take action ethically
  • Create a caring and inclusive community



Strategic Statement #1

General Descriptor:

One School – the way we do things, transparency/ ethics, collaboration, and communication


Clearly establish the future direction of KIS. Further develop and strengthen the ethos of our school community that manifests itself in our aspirations across all programs. Embrace an inclusive and collaborative partnership between all stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, non-academic staff, and board) in order to ensure consistency, high quality, and unity of our vision, mission and core values.


Strategic Statement #2

General Descriptor:

Community Safety and Well-Being


Ensure that the environment, learning, resources, and systems at KIS support physical health and safety, social-emotional, mental health, and well-being of our community members, as well as promoting digital citizenship and on-line safety/security.


Strategic Statement #3

General Descriptor:

Student Programs and Approaches to Learning and Teaching


Offer a range of opportunities – academic, co-curricular, enrichment, and community stewardship – for the purpose of supporting the holistic development of all KIS students and in so doing, operationalize the KIS Vision, Mission, and Core Values.


Strategic Statement #4

General Descriptor:



Ensure that KIS positions itself to attract and retain passionate, professional, and community-minded faculty and staff in all areas of the school, and uses personnel recruitment as a means to achieve the school’s ambitions. Promote personal growth through the implementation of a purposeful appraisal model and targeted professional development.


Strategic Statement #5

General Descriptor:

Financial Sustainability and Visioning


Establish and link consistent reviews of financial performance and position related to the school’s capacity, physical size, and status to our learning mission, supported by the implementation of new marketing, branding, development, facility, and alumni outreach plans toward that end. Allocate appropriate resources in a manner aligned with the school’s ambitions and the link between enrollment and sound financial sustainability.