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Video Gallery

Grade 10 Persuasive Arguments

Building confidence is a big part of education. As an IB World School, we follow the Learner Profile at KIS International School, Bangkok. One attribute of the Learner Profile is being a risk-taker. This helps students to work outside of their comfort zone to discover new things, find new answers and be able to think outside of the box. KIS promotes action and exhibition from the Early Years all the way up to Grade 12. This helps students to use the knowledge that they've gained in a productive way. Instead of keeping what they know inside, they are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas with others. Through repetition, making speeches in front of groups large and small, gets easier and easier with time. This was Grade 10's project on making persuasive arguments, and this was the first time they got up to present their ideas. Well done to all of them!


What Does Inquiry in the PYP Look Like?

At KIS we love questions. In fact, our teachers tend to respond to questions with more questions. This leads to a process of inquiry that promotes critical thinking in all areas inside and outside of the classroom. Mr. Nicholas Monnin sat down with us to explain what the Primary Years Programme (PYP) means to him, his students and the general KIS community.


Field Trips at KIS

Making connections between what is being learned inside the classroom to what goes on outside of the classroom is fundamental to a strong IB education. This allows students to understand the importance of what they are learning in the classroom, and it also allows students to keep wanting to learn even after the bell rings at the end of the day.


Admissions at KIS

Thinking about applying for a seat at KIS? Our admissions staff are here to help you find out if KIS is the best fit for your family. There are so many choices for international schools in Bangkok, which can make the process seem quite daunting. Families must look at different things such as choosing a small, medium or large school, as well as the different curriculums that are available in Bangkok. KIS International School is a medium sized school that offers the full International Baccalaureate programs (PYP, MYP and DP). The community is very active, inviting and warm. We hope that you will get the chance to come and visit our campus which is located close to the city center of Bangkok in a quiet and green housing community. Any member of our staff will be able to answer your questions and take you on a tour of our 18 rai campus. We look forward to meeting you!


The Arts at KIS

We fully understand the importance of the arts in an IB education. From getting on stage and performing "Grease" to putting on a well planned art auction for the charity of their choice, our students have access to wonderful opportunities to show off their creative sides. The arts are important as they give students the ability to express their thoughts and feelings in different ways. It also gives many students a strong boost of self-confidence. From engineering to science, leaders in their fields will agree that creativity is an important part of ingenuity and problem solving. Thus, we will keep the art programmes at KIS thriving as usual!


A Parent's View

Being an IB school in Bangkok, we receive a lot of interest from parents about our curriculum and programmes. We have also found that having current parents speak with prospective parents is a great way for them to find out all about KIS. KISPA is our KIS Parents Association, which is a wonderful group that really improves the communication and atmosphere at KIS. They welcome new parents on Bangkok tours, charity events, sporting events, and they also do a lot to help with all that goes on in each classroom. Enjoy our video which comes straight from our parents!


KIS - A day in the Life

A few clips from a day where one of our community members was wearing a Go Pro around the KIS campus!


The KIS Learning Environment

A fun and interesting learning environment promotes collaboration and sparks creativity in students that might otherwise not be interested in certain subjects. The IB at KIS aims to give the tools that students need to succeed within a warm and safe environment.


KIS Stands For...

When people talk about Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit within KIS, the words really do come to life. When you combine them all, it really shows exactly what all of the inspiring individuals in KIS are all about.


Message from our Head of School

Ms. Sally Holloway has been Head of School at KIS International School since 1998 when KIS first opened its doors. She has also been a member of the IB World Board since April 2011. She has played a key role in bringing KIS up as one of the top IB schools in the region, and has also led the team to create the wonderful culture and atmosphere that defines the KIS community!




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