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University Counseling

Our vision is to inspire individuals so that we can help make the world a better place: helping students to be successful in KIS and prepared for university and beyond. In order to nurture passion in our students, we understand that both students and parents need support when confronting the daunting task of university applications and selection.


The university counselor team hosts regular events, teaches classes for students, coordinates university representative visits, sources helpful software, acts as a sounding board, and so many other activities throughout the year to help students and parents:


  • College and Coffee is a monthly meeting for parents usually opening with information with a specific university-related topic such as PSATs, SATs, scholarships, or application requirements, etc. followed by a general question and answer session.
  • Career Talk is a chance for students and parents alike to learn from professionals from a variety of fields. Participants gain valuable insight into what it is actually like to work in various industries.
  • University Profile Event is a quarterly workshop that takes a group of 15 parents/couples through a series of 8 anonymized case studies of KIS alumni - representing a range of goals and outcomes.The goal is to provide greater clarity about what DP work looks like, and how different levels of achievement can be associated with a range of positive outcomes based upon the goals and needs of each student.
  • Bridge U is software available to our students used to help narrow down searches to find best fit universities by filtering by country, programs/fields of study, costs and scholarships available, etc.
  • Regular University Visits and University Fairs are hosted at KIS throughout the academic school year. Representatives speak with our students and answer questions about admissions, programs on offer, and campus life. 
  • Bi-weekly Lessons with Grades 9, 11, &12; Weekly Lessons with Grade 10 are run by the university counselors to cover topics such as university research, finding the right fit university, academic planning, standardized testing, discovering personal interests, importance of extracurricular activities, building a resume, university application processes around the world, career exploration, conducting university visits, summer programs, decision-making, goal-setting, and strengthening leadership skills.
  • Fostering Relationships with various universities around the world in order to stay up to date with current admissions requirements and trends, make important professional connections, and have firsthand experience to pass on to students interested in various countries and institutions.
  • Provide an open-door policy for students to speak with a university counselor when they need to bounce off ideas, look for help, or ask for advice.

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