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A student’s progress and level of achievement is measured through assessment. As in the PYP, assessment in the MYP is done internally by the teachers, the students (self assessments) and their peers. Assessment provides students with feedback on their learning process which encourages their learning. It helps promote reflection and a positive attitude to learning while leading to deeper understanding of subject content.

Assessment in the IB is criterion-based and students are made aware of the criteria they are being assessed on, so that they know what they need to do to be successful. Criteria are set for each subject based on the learning objectives for that subject. Assessment is done throughout the year. It is both summative, generally an evaluation of a large project at the end of a unit and formative, smaller assessments throughout the unit.  Tasks assessed include quizzes, projects, performances, journals, essays, presentations, portfolios, exams, research or group tasks. A report is issued four times per year.

Each subject has four assessment criteria, with each criteria having a grading scale of 0-8.  During a reporting period grade these grades are collated and a best fit  MYP subject grade out of 7 is generated, using the MYP grade boundaries. Final grades for student work in the MYP range from 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest).


The MYP recognises that the skills of learning are also a critical aspect that enable students to be successful.  The MYP units of work also include links and lessons that develop the following skills that students are expected to develop as part of the “Approaches to Learning (ATL) in the MYP are:

  • Social-Collaboration
  • Thinking- critical and creative, and transfer
  • Self management- organisation, affective skills and reflection
  • Communication
  • Research- information literacy, media literacy