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Diploma Programme



What makes the KIS Diploma Programme great for Inspiring Individuals?

We are:

  • Inspirational : KIS DP inspiring students to new heights.
  • Aspirational : Our Diploma students progress to the most selective universities in the world.
  • World Class : KIS's average score is 34 points, and the pass rate is close to 100%


The DP Curriculum

Students taking the IB Diploma Programme study 6 subjects at either Higher or Standard Level, this comprises of 1 subject from each Curriculum Area of the hexagon (with a possible substitution of a subject in Group 6). All Diploma Programme students take a Theory of Knowledge Course; Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) Programme, and write an Extended Essay in one of their hexagon subjects.



DP Structure.


Take 6 subjects, 1 subject from each group.

Take 3 subjects at Higher Level (HL) & 3 at Standard Level  (SL).

Students can take a second subject from Groups 3 or 4 rather than take a Group 6 subject.

Students could take 2 subjects from Group 1 (rather than a Group 2 subject), this combination will lead to the award of a Bilingual Diploma.

DP Subjects available at KIS 2018-2020


The Core

Creativity, Action & Service (CAS)

Extended Essay (EE)

Theory of Knowledge (ToK)

Group 1 - Studies in Language and Literature.

English A: Language and Literature: HL / SL

Thai Language and Literature: HL/SL

Other Language Self Taught Literature: SL


Group 4 - Experimental Sciences.

Biology HL/SL

Chemistry HL/SL

Design Technology HL/SL

Environmental Systems and Societies SL

Physics HL/SL



Group 2 - Language Acquisition

Mandarin / Spanish Ab Initio SL

Mandarin / Spanish Lang HL / SL

French Ab Initio (Online only)

Group 5 - Mathematics

Mathematical Studies SL

Mathematics HL / SL


Group 3 - Individuals & Societies.

Business & Management HL / SL

Environmental Systems & Societies SL

Psychology HL / SL

Economics HL / SL

Philosophy (Online) SL

IT in a Global Society (Online) HL / SL

Group 6 - The Arts.

Visual Arts HL / SL

Film Studies SL (Online only)



Higher Education Progression

Our graduating classes have consistently been offered places at top universities around the world. In addition to that, they have been offered over $1,000,000 USD in scholarships on average over the past few years, with $2,000,000 USD offered in 2018! KIS has maintained a 5 year average Diploma score of 34 IB points, well above the world average of 30 points, with an average pass rate of 96%, and close to 100% participation rate (i.e. all of our graduating cohort usually do the full IB Diploma). 

To ensure that students find the right school for them, our university counselors Mr. Carl Gavin and Ms Shanell Leggins will begin meeting with the students to go over their plans and goals for university. 

Counselling is progressive throughout the school in all programmes. The idea of “best fit” for university applications begins long before the students begin the DP. The students will narrow down their searches by looking at what countries that want to study in, what field they want to study, if they need scholarships, etc.

We have software available to us which helps the students to choose a direction for themselves in regard to Universities and courses.

Academic Results

University Recognition


The IB provides students with the tools to succeed in many different areas of life. KIS graduates went on to study the following Majors at University:

·         Accountancy

·         Applied Science

·         Architecture

·         Art History

·         Aviation

·         Biology

·         Biological Science

·         Biomedical Sciences

·         Business Law

·         Business/Business Management

·         Chemical Engineering

·         Chemistry

·         Communication Arts/Communication Management

·         Communication Design

·         Computer Animation

·         Computer Science

·         Dental Surgery

·         Design

·         E-Commerce

·         Economics

·         Engineering

·         English

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Environmental Science

·         Environmental Sustainability

·         Fashion Management

·         Film Production

·         Film/Animation/Video

·         Finance

·         Global and Urban Education Studies

·         Graphic Design

·         Health Sciences

·         Hospitality

·         Illustration

·         Industrial Engineering

·         Information and Communication Engineering

·         International Business

·         International Justice/Human Rights

·         Language and Culture

·         Law

·         Management

·         Marine Biology

·         Marketing

·         Mathematics

·         Mechanical Engineering

·         Media/Reporting

·         Media and Communication

·         Medicine

·         Multimedia Communication

·         Music Production

·         Nursing

·         Nutrition

·         Oceanography

·         Operations and Logistics

·         Pharmaceutical Sciences

·         Political Science

·         Pre-Med

·         Psychology

·         Science

·         Sociology

·         Sports Coaching

·         Supply Chain and Operations

·         Sustainable Development and Cooperation

·         The Arts

·         Writing for Screen