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Early Years Programme

Young children are natural inquirers. They love to explore and ask questions. The Early Years programme builds on this natural curiosity, and children from 3 years old do the Primary Years programme in the Early Years. Our Early Years Programme has some of the best, most dedicated and experienced teachers who ask questions, promote inquiry and set up play scenarios and activities that challenge young children in their thinking and decision making.

Every classroom has areas for role play, water play, sand play, building, drawing, sculpting, reading and more. Each area is designed specifically to teach certain concepts such as the fundamentals of maths, science, phonics or creativity. Our Early Years Programme starts with a 1:5 teacher to student ratio to ensure that each child gets the best care and right amount of attention.

Learning in the Early Years

The Early Years Centres provide a welcoming and safe learning environment, both indoors and outdoors, where children learn through play. Academic learning and social learning are integrated, helping children achieve independence, self confidence and a sense of responsibility. With some of the best teacher to student ratios in Bangkok, your child will receive plenty of individual care and attention. This programme develops a strong foundation for children entering into our international kindergarten at KIS. They learn a love of learning, which prepares them for success in the IB Primary Years Programme.

Early Years