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Service and Action

KIS supports the Service and Action component of the IB Programmes and believes that children can learn and develop through participating in service learning activities. These experiences, which are largely, but not exclusively integrated into the curriculum, help to foster the development of a sense of caring for others. Self-evaluation encourages students to reflect on the benefits of the activities to themselves, and to those they are helping.

As extracurricular service activites students may initiate their own projects or support organisations that KIS has ongoing relationships with. Students are also be able to participate in service and action through the Duke of Edinburgh awards programme. 

Full full information about Service in the MYP click here.

Projects and Ongoing Support

KIS has, over the years, organised many activities to support charities and NGO's.  Charity doesn't end with a single donation and whilst some are one-off projects, many are ongoing projects.

They include:

Service at KIS

As well as:


  • Whole school community fundraising through annual Fun Fair
  • Students and class initiatives (car washing, craft fairs, concerts, auctions)
  • Teacher Talentless show
  • Running charity drives for Moo Baan Dek and Phanom Thuan Orphanage School in Kanchanaburi
  • Spending time with hearing impaired students
  • Volunteering time to work with the children at Saeng Sawang Foundation
  • Donating items to Soroptimist International Project "Hands Across Borders" to support children at the border village of Sampovloun in Cambodia
  • Supporting the Thailand Burma Border Children's Art Project to help introduce art into the curriculum of the migrant schools scattered along the Thai Burmese border
  • Raising money for Art for All as part of an MYP Personal Project
  • Delivering food and other supplies to Father Joe Maier's Mercy Center in Klong Toey and helping make a Christmas party possible
  • Hosting arts and crafts sales for charity
  • Collecting goods for ELPIS Centre for Burmese children in refugee camps
  • Personal initiatives such as writing a book and donating the proceeds to a tsunami victim
  • Participation in the two BNH Hospital "Bed Push" charity events, contributing almost B200,000 towards Thai charities
  • Providing aid for international disasters
  • Rama 9 - Right to Play
  • Participation in World Water Day
  • Annual participation in Earth Hour
  • Petitioned to Ban Cluster Bombs
  • Helping Victims of human trafficking
  • Raising awareness of how human activity affects the environment
  • Writing a book about being a third culture child
  • Hosting an annual art exhibition to raise funds for The Hub Saidek Youth Club and running Saturday morning fun sessions for the children from the centre at KIS
  • Hosting children from The Hub for weekend swimming and games at KIS
  • Folding cranes and selling wristbands for Japan Earthquake Relief (Red Cross)
  • Annual bike riding for Bring the Elephant Home Foundation

Emergency Relief

In recent years KIS has responded rapidly and with significant support to various crises and most recently to the victims of the Thai flooding in 2011 and the Japanese Tsunami in March 2011. 

One of the most significant initiatives relates to the December 2004 Tsunami that devastated southern Thailand. In March 2005, KIS FEST, a fund raising concert held on the school soccer field, helped to raise an astounding Baht 1.7 million, enabling KIS to support two very worthy projects, Child Watch Safe House in Phuket and the Thai Red Cross Learning through Healing trauma centres in Khao Lak. Work with Learning through Healing continues to this day, with regular visits to the centres, where students, staff and parents play games, do workshops and create arts and crafts with the children. This fund now serves a larger purpose as an emergency relief fund, allowing KIS to provide support to other relief efforts, such as helping earthquake victims in Haiti and supporting Red Cross activities in Japan.

Animal welfare

There are other continuing community projects at KIS. Our students support various local animal welfare charities. 


Students help the environment together with Plant-A-Tree-Today Foundation (PATT). The foundation set up a tree nursery at KIS where, every year, students germinate seeds. A year later, as the seeds have grown into trees, PATT and KIS plant them in Thai parks and forests.

Through a collaborative project with their counterparts at KIS partner school, Washington International, Grade 7 students participated in a project known as the 20:20 Programme, which aims at increasing awareness of, and taking action on, water pollution.


Ongoing support is also extended to Rama 9 Day-care Centre. The Primary Student Council frequently visits the centre to play and sing with the children and to distribute supplies and toys. In 2008 the Rama 9 Day-care Centre was one of 13 organisations supported by students as part of the action component of the 2008 PYP Exhibition and continues to be a regular feature in the PYP Exhibition every year. Each year PYP students research the needs of various established centres and arrange for these needs to be met and many of the organisations supported are done so on an on-going basis.  Organisations regularly supported include the Camillian Orphanage, the Pattaya Orphanage, The Hub Saidek and Build a School.

KIS 10th Anniversary Activities

KIS decided to celebrate the milestone of the school's 10th anniversary in 2008-2009 by helping, once again, the Rama 9 Day-care Centre near our school. The school raised well over its target of 500,000 Baht to contribute to a new building for the centre and to provide the centre’s teachers with training. KIS started a fund to support building plans on donated land and there are regular student visits to the centre as part of the IB Diploma CAS requirement.