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University Counseling

Our mission is to empower individuals by providing support and guidance as they navigate the challenging process of university applications and selection. We strive to instill passion and purpose in our students, and recognize the importance of addressing the needs of both students and parents in this endeavor.

To achieve this, our counseling team is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of services, including hosting regular events, delivering informative lessons and workshops, coordinating university representative visits, sourcing helpful tools and resources, and acting as a sounding board for students and parents throughout the academic year. Our goal is to facilitate the success of our students and prepare them for a fulfilling life post-graduation.

Counselors foster relationships. At KIS, our counseling team is dedicated to providing students with the most up-to-date and relevant guidance as they pursue their academic and career goals. To achieve this, our counselors maintain strong relationships with university representatives from around the world. Through these relationships, they stay abreast of current admissions requirements and trends, establish professional connections, and gain firsthand experience to pass on to students interested in various countries and institutions. This allows them to provide students with the most accurate and comprehensive information about the admissions process and the different institutions around the world, and to guide them in making informed and confident decisions about their future.
Class lessons and workshops. KIS offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to university counseling, providing students with the necessary guidance and support to navigate the complex and challenging process of university applications and selection. To achieve this, our counseling team conducts class lessons and workshops with each grade level, covering a wide range of topics that are essential for the students success. These workshops aim to provide students with the tools and information they need to conduct effective university research, find the right fit university, plan their academic and standardized testing, discover their personal interests, understand the importance of co-curricular activities, and develop their resume. Additionally, it covers the application processes around the world, career exploration, conducting university visits, summer programs, decision-making, goal-setting, and leadership skills. Our goal is to empower students with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed and confident decisions about their future.
Coffee with Counselors is a monthly forum designed to provide valuable information and support to parents of secondary school students. Led by our experienced counseling team and featuring guest speakers from the parent community, these meetings aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the various challenges and opportunities facing secondary school students. Topics of discussion may include standardized testing, scholarship opportunities, university application requirements, and strategies for supporting students socially and emotionally. Our goal is to empower parents with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively support their children's academic and personal growth throughout their secondary school journey.

University visits and fairs. KIS regularly organizes university visits and university fairs throughout the academic year to provide students with valuable insights and information about the admissions process, program offerings, scholarship opportunities, and campus life of various institutions. These events feature representatives from a diverse range of universities, who engage in direct interactions with students, answering their questions and providing guidance on the many aspects of the college application process. These events aim to provide our students with a comprehensive understanding of the various options available to them as they pursue their higher education goals.

Maia Learning

At KIS, we are committed to providing our students and parents with the tools and resources needed to navigate the complex and challenging process of university and career research and application. To support this effort, we make available to our community Maia Learning, a software platform that provides a comprehensive and user-friendly environment for students and parents to explore and discover the best fit universities based on various criteria such as location, programs of study, cost of attendance, application requirements, and scholarships available.

Our counseling team works with students as early as grade 9 and 10, utilizing some of the software's online assessments to help students identify their interests and preferences. As students progress to grades 11 and 12, we delve deeper into the university research process, utilizing the full range of features and functionalities of the software to help students make informed and confident decisions about their future. This approach allows us to provide our students with comprehensive and holistic support throughout their journey towards higher education.

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University Reps

If you are interested in visiting campus to speak with our students and/or parents, we ask that you sign up using MaiaVisits. If you are new to MaiaVisits, you can get instructions on how to set up an account here. Alternatively, you can contact Scott Lassey at to make school visit arrangements. If you are arranging a tour group, please be aware that it is often difficult for students to go "off schedule" to attend college fairs as it is often too disruptive to their academic schedule. That being said, every year we allow 2-3 college tours to visit campus and are selected based on a variety of factors.

If you cannot visit campus and will instead host an online session open to students and parents, feel free to pass along those details to us. While we will not host these sessions ourselves, we can certainly inform our students and parents of these events. Similarly, if you will be hosting a college fair or session in Bangkok, please let us know and we can pass along the details to our community.

If you plan on visiting other international schools while you are in Thailand, please take a look at this Google Map to give you a better idea for where many of them are located. Please keep in mind that traffic can be brutal in Bangkok, turning a 20 minute journey into a two hour one, so be sure to plan accordingly.

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Cristina Alcoz
Cristina Alcoz