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School Services

Parking & Car Stickers

Parking spaces in the car park are reserved for parents/ guardians/staff who have an official KIS parking sticker. For safety reasons the driveway in front of Primary School cannot be used for parking, only for dropping students off. Please drive slowly and cautiously in the car park and be especially vigilant of students who are in the vicinity.

The Kesinee Ville community allows school families to use a special KIS car sticker to help expedite the process of entering the estate. Cars without this sticker can still enter but must leave a form of ID with the guards. Car stickers can be obtained from the School Services department.

KIS Smart Card

KIS operates KIS smart card (identity card) and requires all employees, students, sub-contractors, and visitors to always wear and have clearly visible a KIS smart card whilst on campus. The proper issue and display of KIS smart cards are one way to create a safer environment within campus along with appropriate arrangements to escort visitors. Any KIS smart card issued remains the property of KIS International School. All enrolled KIS students will be issued with a KIS Smart Card once the student ID number has been issued. Cards will be given to students on the new parent orientation day. All parents/guardians of KIS students who are enrolled at KIS. KIS family, regardless of how many children are enrolled at the school, is entitled to 2 complimentary cards. There will be a fee of 150 baht (excluding card accessories) for a card replacement due to loss or damage.

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School & Shuttle Bus

The KIS school bus is run by our contracted bus service provider (Montri Transport PLC.) The school does not directly employ Montri's bus drivers and bus monitors. The School services department ensures high standards of the bus service, schedule maintenance and safety and wellbeing of our students are monitored.

On regular school days, KIS International School offers a free shuttle service to and from the Thailand Cultural Center MRT Station, Exit 2

Students are not permitted to get off the shuttle bus at any other points than Thailand Cultural Center station and KIS.

Primary school students from EY1 to G3 are not eligible to ride on the shuttle bus unless they have adult supervision. Under no circumstances are primary school students allowed to use the shuttle service on their own. 

Primary school students from EY1 to G3 who have older siblings in Secondary School are permitted to use the shuttle service with their older siblings acting as their supervisor i.e. no adult supervision is required.

Primary school students grade 4 and grade 5 are only permitted to ride the morning shuttle bus on their own only if the decision has been agreed by the Principal and School Services Director and the parents. A G4 and G5 shuttle bus service agreement must be signed before the start of the journey. The afternoon shuttle bus service will still require adult supervision on the shuttle.

KIS School Bus Handbook   Shuttle Bus Schedule


The KIS canteen aims to offer a wide range of healthy, nutritious and attractive food options for the KIS community. The canteen provides healthy, balanced meals using quality produce served in a clean and friendly atmosphere. The lunch menu includes international dishes, Asian dishes, vegetarian dishes, a noodle station, a salad station and a fruit station. The weekly school menu is posted on the KIS web portal. The canteen is usually restricted to students and school staff. Should you wish to bring a birthday cake for your child to celebrate during snack or lunch hour, please kindly inform your child’s class teacher and primary/secondary school offices in advance. Parents are welcome to join the children in the canteen for these occasions. 

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Health Services

KIS is in partnership with Praram 9 hospital to provide medical service and consultation. KIS currently has 2 full-time nurses from Praram 9 hospital and  the school employs 1 full-time nurse making a total 3 nurses on campus. The nurse is fully-qualified with a degree in nursing and experience in medical profession. The nurse’s office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The nurse team is responsible for all aspects of student health as well as keeping and maintaining student’s health records, providing assistance to homeroom teachers and school counselors should health education be required. Parents/guardian can update your child’s health information online at

Medication Dispensation

  • Parents/guardians are required to keep the emergency contact persons’ names or telephone numbers up-to-date with the school.

  • All sickness/illness observed within the school will be observed and documented in the child’s file and on the daily illness report. 

  • The school requires that all medications needed to be administered should be kept in the nurse’s office. Parents/guardians will need to hand the medicine to the nurse and sign the Request for Administration of Medicine form to give consent to the school nurse to administer the medications. The Request for Administration of Medicine form can be obtained at the nurse’s office or email to obtain the form.

  • If your child has personal illness stated on the Student Health Form. Please make sure that you leave medication for emergency use and the medication administration form must be filled in.

  • Parents of children who become ill during the day will be notified. The sick child must be picked up as soon as possible by either parents or a designated emergency contact person.

  • Parents or guardians may expect to receive a follow up call from the nurse to ask for symptoms, diagnosis and to request for a doctor’s certificate. This is to ensure that KIS campus is healthy and safe.

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School Shop

At KIS, all students are required to wear the school uniform during the school day. KIS values and respects individual preference on uniform accessories; however, it is equally important that the selections of uniform articles should correspond to KIS student unity and characteristics, promoting a sense of community in an educational setting. Appropriateness, comfort, and complementary colours, should also be considered when selecting items. Parents and guardian may purchase school uniform via our online web channel by clicking the button below.

ViEW SCHOOL SHOP  Uniform Guidelines