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KIS Parent Association

What is KISPA?

KIS has a strong parent-school relationship, supported by the active KIS Parent Association (KISPA). KISPA's dedication is to foster a strong sense of community at KIS. 

In every endeavor they undertake, it's evident that their driving force is to ensure the best interests of our students are always at the forefront. Everything KISPA does is infused with this core principle of fostering a warm and supportive community to support our students, and this contributes positively to the wider KIS community.

One outstanding example of this commitment is KISPA’s annual Halloween Market, a unique fundraising event that exemplifies their community-focused approach. This event not only serves as a platform for raising funds for various purposes, but also brings parents, students, and staff together in a festive atmosphere. Through activities like costume parades, games, and food stalls, the Halloween Market nurtures a sense of togetherness, while simultaneously generating support for our community’s initiatives.

Another exemplary initiative is the monthly Uniform Longevity Drive, a testament to KISPA's dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. By matching gently used uniforms to students who can use them, and donating half of the proceeds to charity groups close to our community, KISPA actively fosters a culture of giving back. This initiative not only supports families within the school, promotes sustainability (as part of advocating Global Citizenship at our school), but also extends positive impacts to our greater community.

Our Commitment

KISPA's commitment to connecting parents and families is evident through their carefully curated trips and workshops. These events provide invaluable opportunities for parents to bond, share experiences, and learn from one another. By fostering a network of support and collaboration, KISPA contributes to the overall well-being of both parents and students, creating a harmonious, uplifting, and mutually supportive environment.

In collaboration with teachers and the school, KISPA also plays a key supportive role for cultural celebrations at the school. By organizing events that showcase various cultures, traditions, and perspectives, they enrich students' learning experiences beyond the classroom. This collaborative effort broadens horizons, promotes understanding, and nurtures a sense of global citizenship among students.

Ultimately, KISPA's unwavering dedication to maintaining a harmonious community where teachers, students, and parents thrive is the reason they do the work they do. By ensuring that every action taken is aligned with the best interests of our students, KISPA cultivates an environment where happiness and growth are paramount. The collaborative spirit fostered by KISPA not only strengthens the KIS community today but also lays the foundation for a brighter and more connected future for our students.

Connect with Us

Questions, comments, and/or interested in joining our lovely community? Contact us through one of the following channels: