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KIS is committed to providing highly motivated and talented students with an exceptional educational experience. Scholarships may grant a reduction or waiver of the registration fee and a reduction of the tuition fees. The development fund and some other fees remain to be paid.

Academic Scholarships

A limited number of Secondary school academic scholarships are available. Students from any nationality entering grade 6 to 11 and who are proficient in English may apply. Students who achieve above average scores in the English and Mathematics assessment tests and who show promise during an interview with the secondary principal may be selected. 

IB Diploma Full Scholarship

This scholarship provides a waiver of the registration fee and a waiver of the full tuition fees for the duration of grade 11 and 12. It goes to one winner only and is based on academic performance, motivation and critical thinking.  For full details of the scholarship for the new Academic year onwards, please visit this link. Please contact the admissions office if you would like to apply, admissions@kis.ac.th

For information on our past scholarship winners, please click here

Financial Assistance

In addition, in order to maintain a socio-economically diverse student body, financial assistance is available to selected international-profile families with primary or secondary school children. Through financial assistance the registration fee and tuition fees may be reduced.

Please contact the admissions department: admissions@kis.ac.th for more information.