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Residential And Field Trips

Not all learning takes place in our classrooms. Classroom learning experiences are enhanced by numerous field trips which serve as extensions to the curriculum. The KIS field trips integrate academic and social development by providing students with an opportunity to investigate and apply academic knowledge to the outside world as well as develop their personal and social skills, through a broad range of activities.

Learning outside of the classroom IB School

Our field trips link classroom learning to the real world. Through residential trips in carefully chosen and appropriate venues within Thailand or in neighbouring countries, students are able to further develop their independence and focus on specific learning goals such as the arts, leadership and the environment. Sometimes students go on other international trips, for example to attend a conference in the UAE, to participate in the Junior Achievement finals in Hong Kong, or for a Spanish-language home-stay in Spain. The field trips are for students of all ages and support the units of inquiry in the PYP or may focus on a particular subject in the MYP or Diploma Programme.

Secondary School Residential Trip

Our residential trips programme provides students in Grade 3 and up (ages 8+) an opportunity to take part in activities outside of Bangkok including places such as Pranburi, Kanchanaburi, Chiang Mai, Khao Yai, and Phuket and outside of Thailand for Grade 10 and up. These trips bring the academic curriculum to life and focus on community service, the arts and environmental issues as well as developing team building and interpersonal skills.

All KIS outings are well-planned and involve extensive preparation and follow-up in order to ensure the students’ safety and to provide the best learning experience. Parents are advised of trips ahead of time and are invited to attend orientation meetings prior to the events.

Bangkok Field Trips