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Home » Primary Years Programme » The PYP Knowledge (The KIS Primary Written Curriculum)

The PYP Knowledge (The KIS Primary Written Curriculum)

The PYP is a transdisciplinary programme, meaning learning is not separated into isolated strands of knowledge or subject areas, but integrated into meaningful learning experiences wherever possible. The programme incorporates the core subject areas of Languages, Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Students also study Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) promoting self-help skills, cultural awareness, health and safety. The Physical Education (PE) programme at KIS embodies the mission, philosophy and objectives of the School and fosters the development of character, life skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. Visual arts, music and drama are seen as a means for students to express themselves and as a means to communicate their learning and experiences. IT and Library studies support students in their research projects. Music and Thai studies are integrated into the programme and are all taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

The Written Curriculum at KIS has documented specific learning expectations, learning experiences and sample assessments in all learning areas. These are based on the PYP Scope and Sequence and other high quality curriculum documents, combined to provide a consistent, coherent and challenging programme for the students.