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Home » Primary Years Programme » Assessment in the PYP at KIS

Assessment in the PYP at KIS

In line with PYP guidelines, at KIS Assessment is seen as integral to learning.

Our emphasis is on Assessment for Learning - research based formative assessment practices which show how a child is learning and determine the next steps for their learning development.


Units of Inquiry

At the start of each unit of inquiry the teachers tune students into the focus of the unit, and carry out a base-line assessment to establish the current level of knowledge and understanding.  Teachers then adjust their planning to accommodate the learning readiness of particular groups of learners. 

Early Years

Due to the emphasis on learning through play, the majority of assessment in early years is done through teacher observation and short conferences with students.  Teachers use appropriate developmental checklists to ensure that children are developing their skills and understandings.  In EY3 all students are assessed for letter sound relationships, and mathematical and print readiness. 


From EY3 until Grade 5, Reading assessment is almost continuous. On top of ongoing group work, teachers carry out monthly check-ins to ensure that appropriate progress is being made and to address any areas of challenge. 


From Grade1 to Grade 5 teachers apply pre assessment at the beginning of mathematical units to identify what the children’s current level of learning is. This allows them to differentiate for different levels of capability. 


Writing is assessed formatively, with teacher student conferences to set writing goals. Writing is also formally assessed with a writing prompt, three times a year, with teacher moderation across the grade level

MAP tests

In Grade 3 to 5 the children take the NWEA MAP twice a year, which allows us to both track our performance as a school, and to work more specifically with learners on their instructional goals.

PYP Exhibition

Grade 5 students, in their final year of the PYP at KIS, organise a demonstration of their learning. This is the PYP Exhibition.  Students propose, investigate and present a topic of interest to them, which should connect to or address a real-word issue or problem.  At KIS we connect this to our Student Learning Behaviours of Striving for Understanding and Passions in Self and Others.  Throughout the extended process of investigation, the students are challenged to apply all the skills that they have learnt through their Primary education.  The PYP Exhibition is a demanding project which synthesises student learning and prepares Grade 5 for MYP.

Grade 5 PYP exhinition