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Parent Testimonials

Here's what some of our KIS parents have to say about the school:


Parent testimonial, Hamlin family

I chose KIS for my child because I felt that my child would learn best with an enquiry-based approach that  provides 21st century skills in critical thinking, logical reasoning, and mathematics applications that are so critical for success in today’s (and the future’s) economy.  You can google so much information these days – and while content knowledge is indeed important to a certain extent—the ability to synthesize vast amounts of information and apply that information in new and creative ways are the critical skills that our children will need.  KIS does a great job of instilling these skills even in primary school.  We’ve also appreciated the attention of teachers to cultivating and catalyzing my child’s desire to learn which will pay dividends in helping my child become a lifelong, curious and inquisitive learner – qualities that are also important for professional success.   

This year my child especially enjoyed participating in “Tournament of the Minds” , an academic team that focused on developing a presentation related to a focal problem for a panel of judges.  This was an enjoyable experience for my child to practice analytical thinking, logical reasoning, rhetoric, and presentation skills in a peer format with guidance from a teacher.  

So two final great things about KIS from a parent’s point of view:
1)      I don’t have to struggle to support my child in homework – homework is reasonable, aligned with stated learning outcomes, and sparks interest for my child.   I enjoy supporting my child in homework and is a great opportunity for us to do something interesting together.
2)      My child comes home every day from school enthused about learning – something that was not the case in some previous schools.  

- Darin

Parent testimonials Gupta family


When we were looking for a school for our eldest daughter Niska, we looked at the various curriculums being offered by various schools. It was the IB Curriculum which piqued our interest as it felt like a more holistic and well rounded program for our child. KIS was recommended to us, and when we visited the school, we just felt a sense of ease and comfort. The children looked happy and the confidence they showed at such young ages were a pleasant surprise. The size of the school was also a big plus for us. Normally admission processes are nerve wracking and time consuming, but admissions was such a breeze at KIS, and each member of the staff we associated with made us feel very well informed and welcome.



I have heard it said that your school days are the best days of your life but personally, I disagree with that, I couldn’t wait to leave my school! Times change and I am sure that Tommy, Nadya and Nadhira will look back at their time at KIS with, not only great memories but also a great formative learning experience that has given them the tools to have a better future. Unlike myself, I think my children can say that their time at KIS was part of the best days of their lives!



In the three years that we have been in KIS, we have always experienced a sense of camaraderie among students and parents. I am happy that my kids are flourishing in the IB curriculum and that the curriculum allows the parents to be more involved in the children's learning. 



There are a variety of reasons why we chose KIS for our children but the most obvious one was that the kids chose KIS themselves. Our impression on visiting KIS was that it has a very warm, relaxed and friendly, family oriented atmosphere where both staff and pupils seemed happy and smiling. Our children sensed this every bit as much as we did. Where previously they had been apprehensive about what was going to be a very significant upheaval, after visiting KIS they looked forward to going to their 'Fairy-tale Castle School' as our son christened it.

This was in contrast to several other schools that we had visited which were clinical, officious and whilst maybe equally high achieving, had just left us cold.

A holiday to Thailand the previous summer to evaluate which schools might be suitable for them had started to home in on the benefits of the International Baccalaureate program. Now our children are two terms in, the impression is that it - 'teaches you how to learn' - something that I didn't acquire until going to university. Asking the kids for their take on how their former UK curriculum compares to KIS and IB elicited "learning is just more fun!" To have acquired this learning skill whilst still in their Primary years and for them to enjoy learning is, as a parent, having your cake and eating it.

Asking the kids what 'their favourite program was' gave blank looks as they are learning skills and knowledge without even realising it. They produce documents and spreadsheets without even the concept of ICT, they use and learn mathematical concepts in context, so it means something (not always, but context never seems to be too far away!).

In short, they are learning in a joined-up, self-reinforcing and complementary sequence that even allows them to keep going when they just keep getting it, regardless of whatever any other child is up to in the class. They are even sometimes asked to help someone else understand something which forces them to think about how to explain what they have just grasped. I would love to have been taught via the IB program when I was a kid.

We are very happy with everything that we have experienced with KIS and the IB program.

- Duncan