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Parent Testimonials

I have heard it said that your school days are the best days of your life but personally, I disagree with that, I couldn’t wait to leave my school! Times change and I am sure that Tommy, Nadya and Nadhira will look back at their time at KIS with, not only great memories but also a great formative learning experience that has given them the tools to have a better future. Unlike myself, I think my children can say that their time at KIS was part of the best days of their lives!



In the three years that we have been in KIS, we have always experienced a sense of camaraderie among students and parents. I am happy that my kids are flourishing in the IB curriculum and that the curriculum allows the parents to be more involved in the children's learning. 


We were very excited when we found out that we were moving to Bangkok. We started browsing for schools in Bangkok. KIS caught our attention when our daughter (then in grade 3) said 'Mummy I want to go to this school', without having been to the school - just by looking at the school's website.

We were so pleased with how the school handled our enquiries, they were very attentive and accommodating, as of the moment we walked into the school, they made us feel as we are part of the KiS family.

Our children settled in immediately on their first day of school, and they came home very happy. Now in our fourth year at KIS we are proud to see how they are becoming better people......what else can we ask for?



In general, we believe KIS provides a close relationship between teachers and respective students where we feel a proper academic follow up of our children.

With respect to its environment there is a healthy and relaxed atmosphere with good facilities which allows my child to have fun while at same time it secures the proper motivation and commitment to learn. In particular to my daughter we can see a progress at her development where the growth of fundamental values of Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit became part of her normal life.


Carla & José Amaral

We aren't big fans of traditional school systems, be it French, Japanese, English or else so when the time came to find a school for our daughter we were worried we wouldn't find anything to our liking. We were even considering home schooling. We had the opportunity to visit KIS and we were stunned by the IB program, the teaching method and philosophy, the school and the community in general. We sent our daughter for a trial day and she came back smiling and conquered. Our decision was taken and we never looked back since. We feel blessed to be able to send our kids to KIS. The kids are not pushed to learn but they are given the love to learn, it makes everything so much easier. We are always astonished and happy to see that they love going to school everyday.


Adriana has attended KIS for 10 years, and KIS is in fact the only school she knows. Her preference is to continue at KIS with the social group, teachers and school administration that she loves, but she understands that other considerations require us to move back to Canada.

We appreciate very much the support, guidance and especially the ease of access to teachers and the school administration that helped us to manage much of the stress families go through as children acquire an education.

We are very happy with Adriana’s development at KIS over the years. We are proud of her academic, personal and social development, much of which is attributable to the many teachers and the school administration. Of the many great teachers that we could mention, two that stand out for us are Ms. Janice and Mr. Chris. We are extremely grateful to them for their contribution to Adriana’s development.

Finally, we wish to mention the comfort we derived over the years knowing that we had access to Mr. Mike, Ms. Sally. Ms. June and Khun Ao (student services) when we needed to communicate at the highest levels at KIS.


Noel, Gloria and Adriana Singh.