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Home » News » Updates On Our Class of 2015!

Updates On Our Class of 2015!

After the whirlwind that is the end of the school year it was nice to sit back in Scotland/Norfolk/Northampton and watch the rain trickle down the windows, however, this soon came to an end as the IB results were published and it was time for our CO 15 to pass on to the next stage of their education. Although I always feel sad to see a group of students go I also get a feeling of pride as I think that I had just something to do with their getting to the University of their choice.


We had a fantastic set of students last year who worked very hard to achieve some excellent results: our graduates are either beginning or about to begin their undergraduate life in countries as far apart as Singapore, Scotland, and the USA, plus many others both near and far. We dealt with way over 200 applications and our students received many more offers than they could possibly accept. The students were also the recipients of scholarship offers in excess of 840’000 US dollars!


A quick summary from our Head of School, Ms. Sally Holloway:

  • The Class of 2015 were a cohort of 41 students of which a large 85% chose to take the full IB Diploma
  • We had a 100% pass rate; the global pass rate is 78%.  
  • Our average IB score was 33, 10% higher than the global average of 30, and 70% of our students' scores exceeded the global average.  
  • The highest score a student can obtain in any IB course subject is a 7, and 39% of our students received at least one 7 out of the six subjects they took
  • 12% of the graduates scored in the top 5% globally (a score of 40+ points)
  • All the graduates met their university entrance requirements and will be taking up their places at universities in 8 countries around the world

All in all it was an excellent year, but this is not the time to stand on one's laurels. I have already met with the Grade 12 students to discuss timings and strategies and will be doing the same with the Grade 11 students in the very near future. This year's careers discussions will be held with students from Grade 9 upwards. There will be visits from university representatives both to the school and also to the many university fairs that are held in Bangkok between now and Christmas. All of these visits will be advertised by email, but also on our university Facebook page which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/KIS-University-Updates/180479978688155?fref=ts 


Lastly, as always, I am here for anyone to talk to regarding anything to do with university applications or career planning of any sort. Either ring the school or email me on carl@kis.ac.th

Mr. Carl