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Home » News » Student Led Conferences in the PYP

Student Led Conferences in the PYP

Student Led Conferences at KIS

The Student Led Conferences kicked off this morning, and what a special day this is! 

Israeli Family at an international school in bangkok

This day gives the students the opportunity to show their families what they have been working on throughout the entire year at KIS. It's a time when the teachers step to the side and allow the students and parents to share a close educational experience together. Usually the student portfolio is the main focus of the conference. It compiles many great examples from different units of inquiry that the students are proud of.

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There are also many activities set up around the classrooms which help the parents to experience what it's like to engage in the IB learning process. These activities are created by the students and are based around the concepts that are being taught in class. Some of them are games, which are fun and engaging. Some of them are projects that promote critical thinking and transdisciplinary themes such as who we are, where we are in time and place, and how we organize ourselves.

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The Student Led Conferences at KIS is actually our PYP Principal Ms. June's favorite day at KIS because of how engaging, personal and powerful these meetings are. It gives the students the chance to take full ownership of their work while making their parents proud of all that they have done throughout the year. Thank you to all KIS families for taking the time to recognize the full worth of a strong IB education. The students and teachers really appreciate it!

International School Bangkok and a great IB Education

Wednesday, May 10, 2017