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Grade 3 STEM Researchers

By Ms. Siera

Grade 3 students have been inquiring into past explorations and explorers during our unit theme, “Where we are in place and time.” In this unit we have learned about how  curiosity and asking meaningful questions can help pave the way for new understandings, opportunities and discoveries. We decided to test out this process of exploration for ourselves using our very own primary Maker Space. We applied the transdisciplinary approach of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to design and create a Lego structure capable of exploring a particular part of our Earth or universe.

Using the Design Cycle, groups collaborated to ask a question connected to the area they wanted to explore. The next step was to discuss, imagine and draw out their design. Afterwards, teams took a step-by-step approach to plan their creations and when they were ready, jumped in to start building their Lego machines. No design is ever complete without examining the possibilities for improvement. So, before groups began the Design Cycle again they were responsible for taking steps to improve their Lego machines. Grade 3 is looking forward to our next design challenge in our Maker Space!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017