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Home » News » So long, KIS! And thank you.

So long, KIS! And thank you.

By Saniya More (G12)



I still remember my first day at KIS, with great detail. I was going to start the fourth grade,

and I couldn’t have been more nervous about the whole thing. By the time my mom had dropped

me off to my class, I desperately wanted to go home. But I knew I had to be a “grown-up” about the

whole thing. So I picked up the nearest book I could find, settled down into a chair, and began



When I was younger, reading was my source of happiness, an activity I could do by myself,

without any expectations of others. I liked my own company, and shied away from group projects,

teamwork, and social events. During recess and lunchtime, most kids my age would be on the field

or at the swings- I’d be sitting on a bench reading, and reading, and reading. But KIS, and the IB

pushed my out of my shell, and out of the comfort zone I had enveloped myself into.


I started to make friends, and made valiant attempts to accept people regardless of their

interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. I became a lot more open-minded and caring about other

people’s feelings. I didn’t stop reading, but I engaged myself in other activities too, become more

balanced. I employed the attitude of a thinker, thinking carefully about everything before speaking



And then I entered the MYP, where life is completely different. I learned to be reflective of

all my actions, and to weigh the impact that I as an individual have had on the community around

me. I became a risk-taker, taking part in the EPIC fest and performances. I realized that I am a

natural communicator, and can handle a stage and a huge audience with ease. I became an

inquirer when I began to understand that the world is an unfair, imperfect place.

Then came the IB Diploma Program- 2 years that seriously made me question why I had

joined KIS in the first place. With hours and hours of coursework, I became more principled. I

became increasingly more knowledgeable about the world around me, which helped me to

choose what I wanted to do with my life.


(I don’t know if you’ve realized this yet but) I encountered each of the ten IB profile words at

some stage of my KIS school life. These words gave me depth and maturity, and helped me to

grow into a well-rounded individual with big dreams and passions. And for this, I thank you KIS. I

thank you for giving me an environment where I was accepted. Thank you for giving me teachers

that helped me realize my potential, and for giving me friendships that will last a lifetime. Thank

you, KIS.