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Home » News » The PYP Exhibition, 2016

The PYP Exhibition, 2016

The PYP Exhibition, 2016

The PYP Grade 5 exhibition is a great example of the type of learning that goes on at KIS. The students fully own their projects and are responsible for every twist and turn that their project takes them on. Other curricula tend to have the teachers telling students exactly what they should be doing or memorizing, whereas our PYP IB programme teaches the students to find their own paths to success.

The projects that the students presented last night at the exhibition were nothing short of superb. The students focused on different problems that the world is facing such as global warming, deforestation and the mistreatment of animals, and they found real solutions through their research and strong understanding of the issues at hand.

They used their interdisciplinary skills to research, create and present their work. One parent said to me after the presentation, “I wonder what IT team set up all their professional videos.” After a quick smile, I told him that the kids produced everything themselves. To be honest, their work was that impressive.

Every student dove into subjects such as humanities, science, mathematics and English and demonstrated fantastic research and presentation skills. As research shows, this is the way that our children should be learning so that they are prepared for our ever changing world. We are so proud of the Grade 5 for the work that they presented last night. They are certainly ready to advance to the Middle Years Programme at KIS!