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Home » News » New CAS Focus Week 2019 for Grade 11

New CAS Focus Week 2019 for Grade 11


We have been considering ways to improve our Creativity, Activity and Service Programme in the Diploma Programme. Our students currently do a really good range of activities, which are very supportive of life at KIS, including The Hub, and The School Prom. However, many of these activities are KIS focussed, and many of the activities are short term. The CAS curriculum is driven by a set of Learning Outcomes (outlined below), in order to experience these outcomes with personal depth most students will need to spend longer on a smaller range of activities (depth rather than breadth), and will probably need to do CAS beyond the walls of KIS.  As such, we have started an evolution of our CAS provision.


Our new CAS provision will involve students planning a long term CAS Activity (or CAS Project) which will take place for approximately 1 year of the course. This long-term CAS Activity could build upon their MYP Personal Project, or could be an entirely new activity.  The students will be given a week off normal scheduled timetable (CAS Focus Week) to spend focussed time on the long term CAS Activity (however, they should be working on the activity before & after CAS Focus Week).

Our first aim for this development is to further develop the depth and impact of CAS Learning for DP Students. Secondly, we hope to give G11 DP students more opportunity for an individualised CAS Experience.



  1. In August G11 DP students to develop a long term CAS Activity (or Project) which allows them to show the following:

  1. Deeper engagement in a single activity or issue.

  2. Long Term engagement in a single activity or issue.

  3. Engagement in an activity or issue which happens outside of KIS, or effects the world outside of KIS, or can be demonstrated outside of KIS.

(see examples of long term CAS activities, and the link to CAS Focus Week, below).


This long term CAS Activity could form the student’s CAS Project, or could be separate from their CAS Project. Students plan steps & timeline for how they will develop their long-term CAS Activity, and start to write a proposal for how they will use CAS Focus Week 2019.

CAS Focus Week 28th January -1st February 2019.


Grade 11 students will design their own CAS Focus Week / personal development experience, to be undertaken largely independently of KIS supervision. The range of experiences that could be planned include:


  • CAS Project undertaken with other students (either in BKK or elsewhere).

  • Individual CAS activity(ies) (either in BKK or elsewhere)

  • Student organised Residential Trip (without school supervision).

  • Internship.


Please see examples of CAS Focus Week Activities below.


CAS Learning Outcomes (from IB CAS Handbook 2016)


  • Undertake new challenges

  • Plan and initiate activities

  • Work collaboratively with others

  • Show perseverance and commitment

  • Engage with issues of global importance

  • Consider ethical implications

  • Develop new skills


NB - CAS activities do not have to develop all of the above outcomes, they can just develop one, or more, of the above outcomes.


Want to know more? : May 30th 8am Meeting in D124

I will hold a meeting for Grade 10 Parents at KIS on May 30th at 8am to further explain the CAS Process, and to answer any questions that you may have, I hope that G10 parents can come along.


Daniel Trump,

IB Diploma Coordinator



Examples of long term CAS Activities & CAS Focus Week


MYP Personal Project

DP Long Term CAS Activity

G11 CAS Focus Week Activities

CAS Learning Outcomes

Environmental Education of the youth of our country

Develop peer to peer English Education Programme involving 4 other KIS students, & pairing KIS with a local Community Project.


Giving free peer to peer English Lang Education on a weekly basis in a local community project.

Designing, writing and creating a start-up pack for students to run peer to peer education programmes.

Engage with issues of global importance

Consider ethical implications

Develop new skills

History of anatomy graphic novel

Develop an interactive website, in Thai & English, for students to learn Anatomy which will be made available for free to Thai Public Schools.

  1. Testing website in local Thai schools.

  2. Designing & making publicity materials for national launch

Plan and initiate activities

Work collaboratively with others

Develop new skills

A new CAS Activity started.

Establish Amnesty International Group at KIS.

Visiting Amnesty International Grps at other BKK International Schools.


Visiting Human Rights Groups in BKK.

Design & make materials to publicise KIS Amnesty International Grp.


A new CAS Activity started.

Further develop Rugby as a sport at KIS. Aim to have a G10-12 Female & Male Rugby team by Jan 2020

Organise a ‘Rugby Festival’ at KIS. incl interviewing rugby players at other BKK international schools, devising & testing a development / coaching plan,


Create a Documentary of Unexploded Ordinance in Laos and Cambodia

Information & money campaign for support of UXO NGOs.


Information & money campaign for support of sustainable community groups in UXO affected areas.

Visit Kalyian Mith (Friends International) in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Write a magazine article about a UXO NGO. Publicise the article to try to get publication in an international magazine.


A new CAS Activity.

Start a KIS Dance Group of KIS students with the aim of pairing with a Dance Group at a local school.


During the year we will:

Build membership of our Dance Group.

Develop a relationship with a Dance Group at a local school.

Meet, choreograph & perform with our twin dance group.

Run Dance Workshop for KIS Primary School Students.


Run Dance Workshop with students at local school, and give performance for students at local school.


Undertake Dance-athon money raiser to fund a dance group in a local school.


Donate resources to the elderly in form of gift box

Establish a KIS Elderly Support Group.

During the year the KIS Group will visit the elderly home on a weekly basis, reading & entertaining the residents.

A week of volunteering and supporting at the elderly residential home. Helping the residents with their daily routines.


Producing a media resource (e.g. video/website) on the value of elderly people in society.


A new CAS Activity

Building the Set for the School Production.


During the year you will work with the Director(s) of the school production to design the set.

During CAS Focus Week you will build the Set for the school production.


A new CAS Activity

Setting up a drama group for Elderly People in a local community.

Writing, designing, and rehearsing a drama production to be performed at a local community centre / elderly person’s centre.


A New activity - Student Internship.

To undertake an internship in Journalism.


You will spend the time in the run up to the CAS Focus Week contacting media organisations trying to get the a place to undertake the internship.

Undertake the internship in journalism.

Friday, May 11, 2018