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Home » News » National Youth Award Given to Genie, Grade 6!

National Youth Award Given to Genie, Grade 6!

Hello, I am Genie from Grade 6.


I received a Youth Award from the Minister of Education on Children's Day, 2016. I got to listen to a speech made by the Prime Minister. Thank You KIS (Mr.Tri, Mr. Mike, Mr. Dan and all the grade 6 teachers) for seeing my commitment, for selecting me, and for giving me the opportunity to receive the award and plaque. Even though I had to pass some obstacles I still succeeded. I have been a good learner and I have also done action such as composing songs about animals and raising awareness for more than 2 years.


I am also an Elephant Ambassador of the Elephant Nature Park. When I have time I create pieces of art and I sell them. I love animals and I really want to help them. You can buy my songs in CD Baby and iTunes. All the money paid for the songs will go to help animals. By buying my songs you are a part of helping animals. The song names are Ivory Is, Is This My Life, and If Sharks Were Gone. I will upload more in the future. I update my progress, information, and news about animals and the environment to my Facebook Fan page : Genie The Voice Kids Thailand- Animal Activist and my Youtube Channel : Genie Yanisa