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Musings of a Senior

I have less than 160 days of high school left. In about 250 days, I will be in a completely new environment, where I’ll be doing something totally different, encountering interesting new people, studying new content that I chose to study, getting my first taste of the real world. But in the rush of Internal Assessments, TOK presentations and essays, fast approaching EE deadlines, tedious university applications, and quite a few pulled off all-nighters, sometimes I forget why I’m doing all this in the first place.


The thing about the the IB Diploma Program is that it’s not a race where you can get everything done in a few weeks and then take the exams, and all’s good and well. Rather, the program is a marathon (as Mr. Park always tells us in early morning ESS classes)- and you’ve gotta keep running till the end, no matter how much work there seems to be. At some points you may slow down, you might feel yourself getting tired, but that’s normal. We’re human after all. So when should you worry? I’d say that point comes if you actually stop working, stop making even the slightest bit of effort.


I admit I’m writing this post when I should be in bed sleeping, but it’s a reward for finishing my Chem homework (#IBPains). But as I write, I feel more awake than ever. In this moment, to me the future isn’t important. Making it there is- and so I push myself to work through another day. After all, high school ends in less than 160 days, and I’d like to leave knowing I gave it my all.


So, to all my fellow seniors, at times you may feel alone and scared, and plain sick of working. On some days, it might take every ounce of will-power you possess to get out of bed in the morning. But we ARE going to make it through this year, and all of us will get to where we want to be. So let’s keep running! We’re the class of 2015 after all, making history with every step we take.


By Saniya More (G12)