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Home » News » KIS Students Win Photoshop Competition

KIS Students Win Photoshop Competition

Featured Student Achievements:


Students across our community are always doing great things. It’s even better when they get recognized by
those outside of KIS. Mint and Mimmi from Grade 10 entered in a Photoshop competition, and here is a write
up from Khun Puk about their experience:


Our Grade 10 Won the First Prize in the Photoshop Competition by Ms. Puk.


Mint and Mimmi, our Grade 10 students, won the First Prize in a Photoshop Competition at Satit Bilingual
School of Rangsit University on 24 January 2015.


All competing schools were given a set of images (see below) to work with for 2 hours. Mint and Mimmi
came out in the First Place with an amazing graphic design, which you can also see below. The judges were
very impressed by the way Mint and Mimmi worked on the task throughout the given time.


They were relaxed but creative, even when they worked with unfamiliar software, such as Adobe Lightroom,
for some adjustments at the end of the task.


Congratulations to both of them on a job well done!


Here are the images that they were given to start with:


And here is what their winning creation: