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Home » News » KIS involved in MYP test pilot for three subjects

KIS involved in MYP test pilot for three subjects


These are exciting times in the MYP, both here at KIS and in the IB world. Currently, there is a major review of the design of the MYP Curriculum called MYP: The Next Chapter. According to the IB, “the new design will create an innovative, concept-based and appropriately assessed programme for 11-16 year olds that fully reflects the IB principles of teaching and learning.” For us this means that some subjects will look slightly different this year.

KIS has been selected to test pilot the new curriculum of three subject areas: Humanities, Visual Arts, and Physical Education, for this current academic year before the full re-write of the curriculum which will be launched globally in 2014. Teachers in these subject areas are meeting with the IB Subject Area Managers and teachers from NIST (who are also piloting the new curriculum) to learn more about the changes.

Some subjects will have different criteria. Eventually, all subjects will have 4 criteria, each evaluated out of a score of 8, which will make it easier for parents to read the report cards as all subjects will be out of a total score of 32. The new curriculum will also focus on concept-based learning, which allows for deeper inquiry of subject content. The Areas of Interaction are also being modified and will appear in a different form as Global Contexts.

If you want any more information about MYP: The Next Chapter, feel free to contact me.



Darryl Anderson

MYP Coordinator

Darryl Anderson, MYP Co-ordinator