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Home » News » KIS Hosts International MYP Coordinators Meeting

KIS Hosts International MYP Coordinators Meeting

International MYP Coordinators Networking in Bangkok

Middle Years Programme (MYP) Networking meetings usually take place twice a year.  In this meeting, We had MYP coordinators from international schools in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Ming City, and Cambodia. 

The purpose of the the MYP coordinators' network meeting is to strengthen the IB within the region. We develop leadership, share resources, brainstorm solutions for challenges and identify needs for regional development of the MYP and the mission of the IB. Our next meeting will be in October in Hanoi. 

We had a very productive meeting and discussion many topics to enhance teaching and learning. Ideas for continual professional development to support teachers in this region were also shared. 

Monday, May 22, 2017