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Home » News » KIS Bikes for Elephants!

KIS Bikes for Elephants!

Bike For Elephants 2015 by Por, G10:


On the afternoon of Friday the 16th, nine daring students (four from G9, three from G10 and two from G12), alongside Mr. Darryl and Mr. Garry traveled to Kanchanaburi for the 2015 Bike For Elephants. As the name suggests, it was an event where people gathered and donated money while riding approximately a hundred kilometers in a single weekend. In total, we biked around 120km, going through 67 on the first day and the rest during the second. In the end though, it was all worth it.


Unfortunately, according to Mr. Darryl, we had the luck to get one of the hardest trails for the event, resulting in broken bikes, cramps and several doses of despair every time we saw any form of road heading uphill. The sight of any thing heading downhill however, was a sight for sore eyes. And so was Mr. Garry’s truck, if any one of us needed a break or assistance. As a side note, we had three meals of fried rice in two days, and the food on the trip overall was actually pretty good.


At the end of the ride, we reached ElephantsWorld, a non profit organization that takes care of Thailand’s elephants, and spent some time hanging out with the elephants themselves. Our KIS group joined with a couple of other riders, and we managed to raise 135,000 baht in total for the elephants. So, by Sunday evening, we slept in the van and ignored any homework that we may have had for the time being.


Real IB students bike for elephants!