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Home » News » The Importance of Arts in Education

The Importance of Arts in Education

Children are naturally creative. Their imaginations can have no limits, and it’s important that we keep motivating them to explore new things. Exploring the world through art builds critical thinking and motor skills while enhancing the students' creativity.

Nurturing creativity gives children problem solving techniques that they will use for the rest of their lives. Ms. Daisy is our PYP Visual Arts teacher, and she has been working with the children to be creative while keeping the important focus of being environmentally friendly. She promotes the act of “up-cycling,” which takes much of what people consider to be trash, and turns it into beautiful and useful items. 

Here is an introduction to her class in her own words:

Visual Arts in the PYP

By Ms. Daisy

Loose Parts, Up-cycling & Observational Drawing

The children have been amazing us with their creativity as we take a first look at loose parts. We’ll keep returning to loose parts as our ‘scratchpad’ for exploring and developing our ideas into a broad range of media.

If you have any ‘treasure’ you could contribute to our loose parts trays (including old buttons, ring pulls, bottle tops, zippers, lids, corks, unwanted nails, hinges, etc. – let your imagination run wild!), we’d be most grateful if you’d please send it in. Treasure can be delivered to the new Visual Arts room on Floor 3 at any time or to class teachers. This will be an ongoing request.



The same goes for your recycled bottles, toilet/ kitchen rolls, packaging, egg cartons, used Nespresso capsules etc. The kids have been developing their fine motor skills this week and discovering different ways to attach two things without using glue, as they work through their recycling bin to create a truly ingenious range of up-cycled 3D artworks. But we can always use more supplies. Please support their up-cycling work by getting into a regular habit of sending your clean recycling in, with our heartfelt thanks.


We look forward to sharing all finished work with you. But for a sneak preview of the tremendous creativity of the KIS community, please feel welcome to pop your head into the Visual Arts room where you will find the children’s ‘works in progress’ displayed on the worktops as you come in.


We have also been enjoying drawing each other and starting to look closely at the features and characteristics we need to include to capture our subject.


Some of our learners have made beautiful still life drawings whilst others have discovered Hirameki and began experimenting with Spin Art. A side-running project for some grade levels is to work out ways to attach our favourite loose parts to the fronts of our Art books without using glue.


We’ve had a first go at shooting stop-frame animations with Stop Motion – one of the apps we’ll be working with this year and there’s been a lot of interest in telling stories on our new overhead projector, so I think moving art might also feature in the children’s interests this year.


Over the coming weeks learners across all grade levels will continue to explore the Visual Arts through inquiry whilst familiarising themselves with the exciting resources available to them. For more information about how your child is using Visual Arts in their Units of Inquiry and developing their understanding of the 7 Elements of Art, please visit their grade level blog.

I am looking for parents to help me for thirty minutes each week at a time that is convenient for you – perhaps after drop off or before pick up one day each week. (Don’t worry if you can’t make it every week). Please email me on daisy.ca@edu.kis.ac.th if you’re interested. Many thanks.

I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks and to providing your children with rich opportunities for self expression as well as contemplation and enjoyment of the wonderful world of art.


I’m excited to be joining the KIS community with my husband and daughter.

We’re looking forward to making this vibrant city our home, to immersing ourselves in Thai culture and deepening our understanding of meditation and yoga.

My big passion is nature and I love the way each continent possesses different marvels. It was in Asia that I first discovered the world beneath the sea and experienced the excitement of a tropical storm. I feel a big responsibility for connecting children with the natural world – both as inspiration for their work and in the media they use. I can often be found searching for natural treasure but am equally excited about the service we do for nature by up-cycling what would otherwise be landfill and the creative possibilities that ‘trash’ reveals to us.

I come from the culturally-rich south of England and have spent the past twelve years living in other cultures. I’m greatly looking forward to celebrating and sharing the cultural heritage of each of our kids within our global community and supporting the kids in sharing their ideas with the outside world.

Friday, September 22, 2017