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Home » News » Grade 3 Explore Multiple Intelligences

Grade 3 Explore Multiple Intelligences


Grade 3 Explore Multiple Intelligences

Unit of Inquiry - Who We Are: An Inquiry into the nature of self; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health

The Grade 3 students have been looking into different ways of learning and how that enables people to respond to their own learning as well as those of others. The key concepts for this inquiry were 'perspective' and 'reflection'. They had to also focus on the key attitudes of 'empathy' and 'appreciation'. 

The students looked specifically at the different learning styles of visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Using these they also explored and evaluated the multiple intelligences. For example, they reflected on whether their preferred learning engagements are in math or language or music. Through this inquiry they aimed to increase their understanding of themselves and others.

After all their research on multiple intelligences, they chose to focus on one that interested them. They then created a station centred around this intelligence, in which they shared their understanding and created hands-on activities for the other students to engage in.

You can see from the photos some of the activities they shared with their peers.  Well done to Grade 3!