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The G5 Exhibition

Grade 5 Exhibition Raised Over 100,000 Baht

“Choose 5 words that sum up the Grade 5 Exhibition”

Inspirational, Fun, Intense, Independent, Creative

Students’ answers varied of course, but these 5 words appeared again and again. The PYP Exhibition is the ‘finale’ of the students life in PYP. It varies from other units due to the level of independence the students have over their research and direction of study. It is also a unit to combine all of the transdisciplinary skills and learner profile attributes they have learned throughout their time in the PYP and showcase all of this to the community. Under the transdisciplinary theme of ‘Sharing the Planet’ we have 14 diverse groups of students who have completed extensive research on the following topics:

Animal cruelty, refugees, water pollution, habitat destruction, poverty, education, recycling, disabled children, homelessness, animal rights, global warming, children’s rights, healthcare and preserving sealife.

World Percentages in Grade 5

To fulfill the criteria of the exhibition the students work collaboratively and exhibit their work through use of ICT, language, maths, art, primary research and of course they will take ACTION!

Action, what a key word for the exhibition. Our students begin the exhibition by a drama performance of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, or we should say ‘Action in Wonderland’.

Using their skills of drama, dance, singing and design the students take the audience through a journey that allows them to understand the variety of issues affecting the world today and what we can do to improve them. The show cleverly incorporates humour along with poignant dialogue to pass on the message that we can all help to make a change in the world. To finish off this exciting performance students preview the action that they themselves have taken during the exhibition, ranging from singing to sick children in hospitals, taking water samples from around Thailand, visiting education centres for homeless children, collecting donations of clothes and books and creating an event for disabled children to meet and interact with farm animals.

Grade 5 girls group

Following the stage performance visitors have the opportunity to get a closer look a the exhibition booths that the students have creatively designed to arranged their research findings in. Shared into 4 classrooms visitors don’t merely walk up to a table but enter an experience designed to fill them with information and emotions. Students are prepared to speak with authority on their area of expertise and enjoy sharing how they have connected to our community with their action. Having raised over 100,000 baht from a sponsored swim/run, G5 students were able to use this money to help their action come to fruition.

Two Boys Working on their project

The Grade 5 students have worked tirelessly on this unit and we couldn’t be prouder of them. They have used every skill and every learner profile in the book to not only develop as a learner but to make an impact on the wider world. It all has to start somewhere!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017