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The Diploma Programme at KIS

The Diploma Programme Bangkok

You asked, we listened… New courses coming to the DP at KIS
By Mr. Michael Hirsch, Secondary School Principal


In 2008 when we started our Diploma Programme KIS selected its courses based on three things: 1) What courses did KIS community members want, 2) What courses could we reliably source quality teachers for, and 3) What courses would be most likely to be required as part of the admissions process at university. Our approach was highly successful and has led to students from our first seven graduating classes to get accepted in hundreds of universities in over twelve countries across a wide range of faculties ranging from Video Game Design to Aerospace Engineering to Medicine, Architecture and even Fashion Design at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world.


However when we started our journey, our first few graduating classes were less than twenty students, and we were new to the IB Diploma. We are now having graduating classes that are consistently larger than thirty students, and we are much more sophisticated in our approach to delivering the IB programme, as well as supporting students with DP course selection with the benefit of almost 10 years worth of longitudinal data. Being in this new position, we decided it was time to increase our course catalogue with a focus on increasing access to more students who might be interested in pursuing the full IB Diploma, or IB certificates, as well as supporting more students to achieve higher scores through supporting improved course fit.


Starting in August 2016, KIS has been offering the DP Psychology course at Higher and Standard Level. Our Grade 10 students are currently involved in their DP Course Counseling and as of this year we will be giving students the choice between the Business and Economics classes at Higher and Standard Level. If there is sufficient interest, we will run both courses. For the class of 2020 we are currently in the process of reviewing the feasibility of offering the Design Technology class – a course that focuses on design products, that builds upon our current MYP Design course. The net result of all of these additional provisions will be allowing students more choice, to choose courses that they are more excited about, and that offer them a greater ability to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and passions which should result in more motivated students with higher attainment. It is an exciting time to be at KIS for teachers and students, and it is great to see the school continue to push toward our mission of providing all of our students with the knowledge, inspiration and spirit to be proud of themselves and their place in the world.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017