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Home » News » Design Cycle Challenge Week at KIS

Design Cycle Challenge Week at KIS

The annual Design Cycle Challenge Week kicked off in style with students being sorted into house groups with a mix of Grade 6-Grade 10 students.  They have been tasked with designing the best balsa wood aeroplane they can using only the wood and glue and no additional materials.  Their design brief is as follows:


The KISLAND Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of the Environment and Engineering put out a call for experts to come help build KISLAND's own fleet of safe transport vehicles to help the economy of the country. It was a huge success and as a result, KISLAND continues to develop into a strong independent modern nation. 

In the past year KISLAND’s economy and population have continued to grow. There is now a greater need to transport not only materials between the two islands over the bridge, but also to other countries as well. The Government is once again putting out a call for engineering experts to help the country in its mission to create its own airline to help transport people and cargo around the world.

Students will be vying for house points to come up with the best designs that give their aeroplane the longest flight times and the most accurate flight paths possible.  They will be researching, building, testing, modifying, re-testing all week and will document the process as well.  They have also been tasked with coming up with a logo, name for their team and a marketing presentation and strategy for 'selling' their aeroplane design to the panel of KISLAND judges.  

If you would like to take a look at all the photos and the progress of the teams please check out the Design Cycle Week website!

May the best house win!