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The Design Cycle Challenge (DCC)

The Design Cycle Challenge at KIS International School Bangkok

The Design Cycle Challenge at KIS International School is a cross grade, interdisciplinary project that combines engineering, creativity and teamwork. In recent years we have had teams building boats from recycled materials, and we've had groups building bridges with popsicle sticks and glue that could hold students! This year we created our own version of battle bots, and it was very exciting.

DCC Week, 2016
By Ankit, Grade 8

My name is Ankit and I was a member of Group 1 in the DCC week. The DCC Week started off with lots of excitement as usual. We are all very eager to find out what exactly we were going to do during the week and who would be on our team. Especially after knowing that in this year, we, the grade eights would be the oldest members of the group as we were going to work with grade 5, 6 and 7 students. Then came the day when we were all assembled in the auditorium, waiting for the big moment to know who our team-mates would be. When I found out about my teammates, I was really pleased to know that they were all enthusiastic and very well determined to do their best in the DCC week. All of my teammates showed positive signs of getting along in the group during the ice-breaking activities. My group consisted of Paan from grade 5, Amy from grade 5, Hannah from grade 6, Elizabeth from grade 7, and me, Ankit, from grade 8. Our group consisted of various types of personalities and interests, which really benefited our all of us. Paan was the person who came up with all sorts of ideas for the logo when we had only just met each other. Amy was looking forward to building the car. Hannah also joined in with Paan in creating ideas, and Elizabeth was focused on the Tic-Tac-Toe brain exercises to earn more team points.

After the Ice-Breaking activity, we all headed back into our respective rooms. As it turned out, everyone started going straight to work, which was something I really liked about my group. None of them were wasting time. We all had our own roles, and we followed them very effectively in the best international school in Bangkok. After doing two of the Tic-Tac-Toe activities we were starting to get bored, so we decided that we would work on modifying the car instead, so we would also have time to test it out that day. We all started throwing out ideas about how to modify the cars, and we decided to combine several ideas into one. We worked on it for most of the time, and we were happy with our result. That was the end of day one, and our car seemed perfect.

On the second day, we all had three periods to tests our cars and do our final modifications so that we could make sure our car was ready to participate in the half way challenges. Our group decided that we should go and test our car downstairs next to the football field. The moment we tried to ride our car, the car spun out of control. We tried again and everything seemed to be fine, but we couldn’t turn right. The whole group was in shock, and we were all panicking as there was only a very little time left till the challenges, and we had just found out that our car was broken. That was the moment that our team started to get really worried. However, we decided that we would go and consult Mr.Park about this, and see what we could do. At first, Mr. Park tried to fix our car, but it was not about the screws of the tire, it was something more complicated. We were told that we would be given a new car after we completed the challenges. However, our group knew that we wouldn’t be able to participate in the challenges if our car was in this state. So, we tried our best to convince Mr.Park to get us a new car so that we would actually be able to participate in the challenges. Finally, we were given a new car, but there were some complications since we were switched from the Red team to the Green team. However, that did not matter at that time, since we had only 40 minutes left to assemble our design on the new car in less than an hour. Amazing, after all of the team worked together, we were able to do so, and this time the car was truly perfect. Coming from the best IB school in Bangkok, we were ready to participate in the challenges.

The following day and the day after that, we were able to compete in all the activities and had lots of fun. The challenges on Thursday consisted of the Sumo challenge, the Rocket league challenge, and the Obstacle course. The whole team gave our best effort, enjoyed all the challenges and we all shared a great time. We also enjoyed the final challenges a lot, especially the rumble in the auditorium since that was the highlight. The controllers of the car were Paan and me. In my opinion, this DCC week really brought us all together, and made us all closer to each other. As Nishan Panwar said, “Sometimes it’s not about the journey or the destination, but about the people you meet along the way.”


Friday, November 11, 2016