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Home » News » Christmas HUB Drive

Christmas HUB Drive

Christmas and New Year's Drive for the Hub Children by Jean, Grade 8.


For this year’s community and service, G8B is working on a Christmas/New Year gift drive for the Hub children. This community and service is part of G11’s Christmas party for the Hub. We were sent information about each child. This information includes name, age, gender, shoe size, shirt size, their hobbies and their interests.


We have separated this information into small cards and laminated them. These cards will be hung up on the Christmas tree by November 24th. As a part of the KIS Community, we want you to support us with this project. Please choose a card from the tree and make a difference by buying the children a gift. The present should be brought in by December 11 and placed under the Christmas Tree in the MYP Building Atrium. The gifts shouldn’t be over 600 Baht and the card should be stuck on top of the present.


Thanks to everyone in advance, and happy holidays!