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Home » News » Busy Times for DP Students

Busy Times for DP Students

IB Diploma Students Have a Busy Time Ahead

It’s a busy time for IB Diploma Students in both Grades 11 and 12, I thought it would be useful to share with parents, and the wider KIS family in Bangkok, some of the key Submission Dates coming up for DP students in the next few months. The dates below are in addition to the daily ongoing formative classwork and homework that our DP students are engaged in. The submission dates detailed here are for formal IB Internal Assessment (IA), or External Assessment (EA) components, as such they contribute to part of the final IB grade given in each subject.


3rd: Business and Management IA First Draft

11th: Physics IA Final Submission

15th: ToK Essay First Draft.

As the frequency of submission deadlines increases in the next few weeks there are a number of ways that DP students can optimise their scores whilst minimising stress:

1.) Plan to submit early !

Plan the process of production of the assignment in order to complete it well in advance of the submission date. Students should start their assignments early, and work in focussed periods of time in the run up to the submission date.

2.) Intelligent Models

Pay close attention to the Assessment Criteria and exemplar models of past work. Look at the examples that your teacher has shown you to give you a really good idea of what you are aiming for. Use the IB Assessment Criteria, and if you don’t understand them then go and see your teacher.

3.) Value sleep.

Recent research (Dagmara, 2015) shows that teenagers need approximately 10 hours of sleep a night. Dr Dagmara undertook research at the UCL Institute of Education Lifespan Learning and Sleep Laboratory with senior students (aka “Sixth Form students” in the UK). She showed that there is a strong correlation between sleep and academic performance:

Dr. Dimitriou said “Sleep is essential for processes such as memory consolidation, optimal learning capacity and academic performance. It’s very worrying to find that teenagers, who need 10 hours’ sleep a night, are not getting the sleep they need for their developing brains.”

Daniel Trump,

DP Coordinator.


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Wednesday, November 30, 2016