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Book Tasting

book tasting is a great way to discover new genres of books

Book tastings are a great way to introduce students to new genres of books in order to support their love of reading. Often kids get stuck into the same book type like comics or familiar series. Although this isn’t a bad thing (because all reading is good reading ;-)), our goal is to widen the scope of what kids read, to see if they can try something new and be risk takers. Hopefully the outcome is that they search for these books in the library at their next check out time.

At the time, students were also working on writing genre and author’s purpose in their writing time, identifying the “ingredients” that make a certain story. The activity also supported their writing skills, giving them examples and helping them notice what exactly is in a genre. During the book tasting students sampled poetry, realistic fiction, and fantasy.

Children at KIS love sampling new books

Thursday, January 16, 2020