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Home » News » Book Fair and Book Dress Up Day

Book Fair and Book Dress Up Day

Book Fair and Book Dress Up Day at School

Building a love for reading starts at home and continues to grow at school. Reading is a very important part of the curriculum at KIS, and it's been so great to see how much fun the PYP has been having during literacy week. We have had a 3 day book fair featuring books from all over the world. Secondary school students came over to the PYP to spend some time reading some of their favorite children's books. The PYP students then dressed up as a character from their favorite book. It was great to see many students choosing some classic books such as those from Dr. Suess along with newer books such as the Harry Potter series. It's wonderful to have such a strong and genuine love for reading flowing through the school!

Book dress up day collage

Wednesday, September 28, 2016