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Home » News » Augmented Reality Arrives to Bangkok IB Classrooms

Augmented Reality Arrives to Bangkok IB Classrooms

IB Classrooms Using AR in Bangkok

Imagine living in an exciting world where you’re able to view the inner workings of everything around you whenever you’d like. KIS has brought Augmented Reality (AR) to the classroom to do just that! 

Primary school children in bangkok using augmented reality programs

Our ICT program is creating digital layers of the physical world that our students can see by using Android and iOS devices. For example, in Grade 1 the students are finishing up their fascinating unit of inquiry into body systems. They put on an augmented reality t-shirt while using the iPads to look inside the human body from a 3D perspective. This makes the unit of inquiry come alive for the students, giving them a perspective into their classmates’ bodies that they had never seen before!

Using augmented reality on our skeleton in science class

Prior to this they were studying the circulatory system, and they completed an experiment on the different functions and components of blood. Using AR in the classroom as well as hands on experiments creates tangible connections for the students. This really makes science fun, interesting and interactive!

IB students learning about the human body

Learning by doing is the best way to learn

In Grade 10, Arno also did his Personal Project on Augmented Reality, showing how this fascinating technology can be used in marketing to make products come alive. If you haven't experienced it yet, check out the KIS Prospectus which also uses Augmented Reality!

As always with technology at KIS, stay tuned as there will be much more to come.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017