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Alumni Update

Manit Sethi is a KIS graduate who went on to study at the University of Manchester. Below is his story about his new business idea, which is currently receiving funding from Accelerate Me.

My friend, Tomas Mjartan and I came up with a business idea in our halls of residence at the University of Manchester; to build a strong brand recognised as a trusted platform for donations. We decided to start this off by selling thin, elegant and sleek iPhone cases that are colour coded. Each colour represents a certain charity where the money will be donated to. We presented this idea in an application form for Accelerate Me, which is a scheme run by a society at the University of Manchester called Manchester Entrepreneurs. With a lot of effort and time we put into the application form and developing our ideas for this potential business plan, it all worked out when we got a phone call for an interview process to pitch our business idea. The scheme included mentors that we could receive advice from along with a grant and office space.


Now we are at the initial stages of building our brand and have received part of our funding. To receive the rest of our funding we have to build a solid customer base and build our brand. That is why we have created a landing page (www.theimpactcases.com) for you to put your name and email in so we could send out an email once our product is ready to be launched. By doing this, you also stand a chance to win a case! We have also created a Facebook (impactcasesuk) and twitter page (@nowimpact). By december we plan to have a prototype ready and to have partnered with charities in order to fully establish the colour coding system of our products.