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Home » News » Activities for you and your kids this summer.

Activities for you and your kids this summer.

Summer is here, school’s out, your kids are home and for many of us, that may be a challenge. Luckily, Bangkok is a great city; there is so much for you to do with your children to keep them occupied. This ranges from energetic sporty activities to more relaxed ones, with options for numerous ages,  so there is something out there for everyone. . 

There’s Bounce, a trampoline park and climbing centre with two locations (EmQuartier and The Street Ratchada). Bounce is suitable for all ages.
For the younger kids there is Funarium, a massive indoor playground located near K Village. They have soft-play toddler equipment as well as climbing, jumping and balancing activities for older children. From ball pits, climbing zones and arts and crafts to a baking station, you can find it all and your children are guaranteed to have a great time. 


For indoor and outdoor learning activities, you could take your children to the Children’s Discovery Museum. The museum encourages hands-on learning and offers many fun interactive activities to help your children to learn about science, construction, archeology and other topics.   

It may sound weird to take your kids to the library right after they get out of school, but there are some great libraries in Bangkok that won’t be a drag. Some libraries you can check out include the newly opened Bangkok City Library built in a refurbished 1940’s building, with a special reading area for children,  or institutions like the Neilson Hays library, with 20,000 English books,  which is in a lovely building right next to the British club and has been open since 1869!

As great as Bangkok is, if you want a break from the busy life, you can always plan a weekend away for a camping trip. There are great camping sites all around Thailand, from the various breathtaking national parks to other cities like Chiang Mai or Phuket, you’ll easily be able to find a camping site right for you. 

For more information on camping, visit:

You can also improvise and do something creative just for you and your kids at home, this can be just as fun and be on the cheaper side.  Activities you can do at home include a board game 

night, reading with your kids (this would be especially fun on a rainy day), a mini talent show, or even plan a picnic if you have the outdoor space.

No board games at home? Why not try visiting these board game cafes?


Something else you can do is to find recipes online and bake or cook at home. If you help your kids make their favourite foods, this will be perfect for the picnic. Alternatively, take some cooking classes with your kids; you may even learn a thing or two yourself!

A little something cooking studio offers family friendly cooking classes. All classes are conducted in both English and Thai by professional chefs. 


There are various arts and craft activities that can be done at home. From origami to finger painting, it will be a fun set of activities you can do as a whole family. Other great examples of arts and crafts can easily be found online and they do not require a ton of equipment.

No special tools or skills are required making these cute crafts for kids.


Have a wonderful summer, and we hope that everyone has a great time!

Friday, July 20, 2018