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Home » News » Planning, Designing and Manufacturing Board Games

Planning, Designing and Manufacturing Board Games

Design class at the best IB school in Bangkok

Transdisciplinary learning takes one problem or issue and looks at it through many different lenses. The Grade 7s combined game mechanics, graphic design, English, art, communications and other disciplines in order to plan, design and create board games with their final products being produced via 3D and 2D printing. How cool is that? 

The students created everything you would find in a board game:

  • A printed and mounted game board
  • A printed and constructed box
  • Game pieces
  • Cards
  • Dice and pieces
  • Instruction sheets/booklets

Best international school Bangkok

They began with a field trip & workshop in board game mechanics and theming with a professional game designer. Designs for the game boards were then sketched by hand and revised on paper before moving to a vector design tool to be illustrated digitally.  Cards and counters were designed the same way. 3D pieces were designed with a 3D modeling tool. Once  finished the digital designs on the Macs, the students sent all their design files to both the wide-format 2D printer and 3D printer in our design lab for output! 

The boards were mounted on book binding board to make a professional product and then the boxes were designed, output and constructed. All the cards and counters were cut out and the instruction sheets written, printed and included in the box.

They then brought their games to the PYP and let the Grade 4 students play, test and give feedback on their games. The Grade 7 students were not allowed to give any verbal instructions to the Grade 4 students, just as if they had brought the games home from a store. As an IB school in Bangkok, we always take some time to reflect on our projects, and getting feedback from different grade levels can really help the students understand different perspectives. The feedback is now being taken back to the design lab, and the Grade 7 students have really learned a lot about game theory and game design.

Project based learning in Thailand

It was one of many interesting projects being done in the MYP, and it looks like the Grade 7 got a lot of great experience through this transdisciplinary project. The Grade 4 students also gained knowledge about game theory, game design and game creation!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016