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KISPA Connect

The KIS Parents Association (KISPA) is a warm, welcoming community of KIS parents. There are representatives for many different languages and grades that are happy to be the contact point for parents, new and returning, that have questions or need advice regarding the school.

Below is a list of some of these parents and some quotes from them about their own experiences here at KIS. If you would like to contact any of our parent reps, please send an email to admissions@kis.ac.th and we will be happy to put you in touch with them.

Larisa Grajdieru G1 & G3 parent, Country Representative:

Loos Family

"KIS International is the school we were dreaming of to find for our kids. The education is solid, but they think out of the box at the same time. Seeing our kids so happy to go to school everyday since they became KIS students confirms the fact that we made the right choice. The KIS environment is safe, friendly, and clean. What we like the most is the IB curriculum. The PYP prepares the kids to become learners, risk and action takers who question the world and do their own research when looking for answers. 

Thank you KIS International School!

Larisa can speak English, French and Russian.


Sanja Babic, Croatian, G1 parent, Country Representative:

Sanja Babic

"KIS is a great school with an amazing green campus. For children's development, there is a fine balance between learning and physical activities. KIS encourages students to express themselves and trust teachers along the way. Students are active and eager to learn different processes in life. There are great teachers in G1 who teach the children where to look but not what to see. They guide them how to discover things/processes by themselves."

Sanya can speak Croatian, English and some Thai.


Tiia Lewman, Finnish, Grade 2 parent, Country Representative:


"Hi, I'm Tiia Lewman. I'm originally from Finland. I am a language teacher by training and a mother of a second grader, an enthusiastic football player. I've been enjoying life in Bangkok since 2014."

Tiia can speak Finnish, French and English.

Dianna Soloveiko, Mexican, Grade 2 parent, Country Representative:


"KISPA for the community!"

Dianna can speak English and Spanish


Jan-Peter Kelder, Grade 2 parent, Country Representative:

Kelder Family

"We love everything about KIS: the way of educating our children, the location so close to our house and the way they are involved with society and also with our foundation: Great!"

Jan-Peter can speak English and Dutch.

Laura Takenaka, Canadian, Grade 3 parent, Country Representative:

Laura Takenaka - KISPA

"KIS is a warm and welcoming community where our kids can thrive academically and socially."

Laura can speak English and Japanese.


Pauline Tatine Manus, Filipino, Grade 3 parent and Social Services Coordinator:

"KIS is like family."

Pauline can speak English and Tagalog


Richa Lahoti, Indian, Grade 3 parent:


KIS ignites the fire that fuels a student's thirst for Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit.

Richa can speak Hindi and English.


Hyun Gyeongsukn, Korean, KG and G5 parent:

Korean Family at KIS

"One of the fine international school in Bangkok. My son and daughter's school life is full of happiness."

Hyun can speak Korean and English.


Miyuki Harada, Japanese, Grade 3 and Grade 7 parent:


"The connection between students and KIS is so close that I always feel happy to have my daughters learning at KIS."

Miyuki can speak English and Japanese.


Catharina Maria, Indonesian, Grade 3 parent, Country Representative:


"KIS is a great school for my daughter as the teachers instill in her curiosity, and teach her to ask questions to understand the topic better. They then help her to independently and creatively find answers to those questions. We chose KIS 2.5 years ago after searching for almost one year, comparing 12 international schools in Bangkok, and we couldn't be happier with our choice."

Catharina can speak English and Indonesian.


Janet Wang, Grade 1 and 3 Parent, Country Representative

"KIS perfectly presents the essential elements and unique form of IB education which attracts my kids' interests in lifelong learning."

Janet can speak English and Mandarin.


Parichart Jotikasthira, G9 parent, Country Representative:


"KIS has a passionate community."

Khun Parichart speaks English and Thai.