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Placement Testing Procedures

EY3 - Grade 5 Applicants

Students entering the Early Years programme are required to take part in the Early Years observation, which takes place prior to enrolment, to help us determine how the child will cope with the transition into the new classroom environment. A one-to-two hour session is scheduled with the teacher and parents.

Students applying for EY3 - Grade 5 will undergo a written and interactive assessment conducted by a member of the primary academic team and a classroom observation. A parent of the Primary School students will meet with the (Deputy) Principal.

A written assessment (in English) is required for students applying at KIS for EY3 and above. The duration of the assessment test for EY3 to Grade 5 applicants is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour; Grade 6 to Grade 11 applicants can expect a test of 1 to 3 hours duration, which covers English and mathematics.

Secondary School Applicants

After successful completion of the test, Secondary School applicants and their families will be invited for a personal interview with the Secondary School Principal or Vice Principal.

Non-native English speakers are welcomed by KIS, however students may be asked to complete a test for English proficiency to determine the level of EAL support required.

Thai national students are required by law to study the Thai Language and Culture programme. Therefore, Thai national applicants must also take the Thai language assessment test in order to provide us with information on their level of Thai proficiency. A Thai B language course may be available on request for Thai expats.

Families will be notified about the admission decision after review of the assessment, application and consideration of the admissions criteria. Upon completion of the admissions process the result will be shared with the parents/guardian.

Our school's general guideline uses a student's birth date to determine the appropriate grade level, but we also consider other factors, including current grade level, report cards, and our assessment process.