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Early Years Admissions Process

The Early Years at KIS

Young children are naturally curious, driven by their innate desire to explore and ask questions. In our Early Years programmes, we harness and nurture this innate curiosity. Our experienced teachers foster an environment where students inquire collaboratively with their peers and create engaging play scenarios that challenge young minds.

Our learning environments are purposefully designed and equipped to inspire creativity, wonder, and exploration. These spaces include areas for imaginative play, water activities, sand play, construction, art, and more. Each learning center is carefully planned and resourced to support inquiry across various curriculum areas. 

At KIS, our Early Years programmes offer a welcoming and secure learning environment, both indoors and outdoors, where children discover and learn through play. Here, academic and social learning integrate seamlessly, fostering independence, self-confidence, and a sense of responsibility in each learner. With a low teacher-to-student ratio, your child will receive individualized care and support.

We would like to make sure we provide you with the best service possible during your application to KIS. If you are interested in having your child enroll in one of our Early Years classes, please review the following guidelines.

School Visits and Tours

Many families would like to see the school. We are happy to provide you with a complete school tour, but we would also like to make sure our children enjoy their school day and have minimal disruptions to their learning. As such:

  • We offer school tours only to families with children who are at least one year old.
  • Please book a tour ahead of time and have all family members who are interested in seeing the school join the appointment for your visit. Due to the large demand, it may take a long time before we can offer you a second tour. 
Applications for families not living in Thailand

As an international IB World School, we understand that families from overseas, who may be moving to Thailand during different times of the year, may not be able to work within the application deadlines. We can accommodate the needs of these families outside of the set periods. For families who are unable to visit at all before their move, we can consider the option of a virtual tour and an overseas assessment process.

Applying to Early Years Prep

For our Early Years Prep applicants in Thailand, we have one application period per year*. Priority will be given to students who apply during this period. 

Apply for Term 1 (August - December)

Applying to Early Years 1-2

For our Early Years 1-2 applicants in Thailand, we have one application period per year*. Priority will be given to students who apply during this period. 

Apply for Term 1 (August - December)


Applying to Early Years 3

For our Early Years 3 applicants in Thailand, we have one application period per year*. Priority will be given to students who apply during this period. 

Apply for Term 1 (August - December)


*Remark: We enroll students throughout the year, with priority given to applicants who apply during earlier timeline periods. Outside of the admissions application timeline, please consult with the admissions team to inquire about the availability of class placements for your child(ren).

For Early Years 1 and Up

Please ensure that your child meets the following targets by the starting date:

  • The child should be fully toilet trained, confident in using the bathroom, able to ask to use the toilet, and capable of managing their underwear with minimal assistance.
  • The child should have good self-help skills.
  • The child should be able to spend time away from their caregivers.
  • The child should be able to understand his or her mother tongue language and be able to express his or her feelings.
  • The child should be able to play independently and in a group. 
  • The child should be able to eat and drink independently.

Application Steps for Early Years

Step 1 : Submit an Application

First, complete an Inquiry Form through our online portal and make an appointment for a campus tour after your child turns one year old

Submit Inquiry Form

Step 2 : Complete the Application Form and Upload Necessary Documents

The application to KIS is done through our online portal Open Apply. Complete all fields on the form then finish the application by uploading/completing the checklist.


Step 3 : Schedule the Assessment/Family Interviews

The Admissions team will review your child's application and make the observation appointment with you. Please remember each child will have one observation per academic year. If any applicant wants to reapply, they can do so for the next academic year. 

The parents of short-listed EY Prep, EY1 and EY2 applicants will, in addition, meet with the Primary Vice Principal. 

Early Years 3 will have the parent interview on the same day as the assessment. The application is then reviewed taking into consideration the school's admissions criteria which include:

  • Level of confidence and independence 
  • Proficiency in the English language 
  • Affinity with the IB Learner Profile
  • Previous International School experience
  • Experience in an IB Programme 
  • Class size and seat availability 
  • Parent is KIS alumnus 
  • Nationality 
  • Siblings

Step 4 : Registration

Once a place is offered to a prospective student, the family will be given a time frame within one or two weeks to confirm his/her intention through a letter of acceptance and making the payment.

The final steps in the registration process are:

  • Make payment of all fees by the set deadline
  • Complete online Student Background Form, Student Services Form, and Student Health Form
  • Purchase School Uniforms, and have KIS ID Card made.
  • Sign permission forms via the KIS online portal sent out by the School Services Department
  • Collect welcome package and KIS Family Handbook at the Admissions Office
  • Visit the New KIS Family website and attend the new parent/student orientation
  • Continue communications with your child's teachers and attend the social meetings, academic meeting and workshops provided by the school and the KIS Parent's Association

Admissions Team