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Vision & Mission

Our Vision:


To offer a challenging and dynamic international education that inspires and supports students in developing the knowledge, skills, and characteristics to take responsible action for the betterment of their local and global communities.


Striving for
Nurturing passion inĀ self and others
Taking action
Creating a caring and inclusive community

What does quality learning look like at KIS?

As a community of learners, we believe that high quality learning takes place through active engagement and collaborative inquiry that connects to prior learning and develops conceptual understanding.  KIS learners are empowered with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that can be used to take action in an ever-changing and diverse global community.   

At KIS quality learning has its foundations based on our school’s core values: 

  • Striving for Understanding
  • Nurturing Passion in Self and Others
  • Taking Action Ethically, and
  • Developing a Caring and Inclusive Community.

This initiative unites our community around shared values and our school's Vision and Mission.