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Meet the Inspiring Individuals

At KIS International School Bangkok, 'Inspiring Individuals' is more than just a vision statement – it's the heartbeat of our community.

This powerful concept serves a dual purpose:

Firstly, to ignite inspiration within our students, shaping them into leaders not just for tomorrow, but for today, having a positive impact on the ever-evolving world around them.

Secondly, it extends to every member of our community – students, teachers, parents, and staff – where everyone, in their own unique way, embodies inspiration.

Whether you're a new family joining KIS or a prospective teacher seeking to join a leading IB school in the region, this space is your gateway to hear from our Inspiring Individuals. 

Watch the interviews below to learn more about our community, life in Bangkok and more

Hear from KIS Teachers

Hear about the KIS Community from our qualified IB educators, explore their perspectives on life in Bangkok, and hear their advice for new joiners:

Ms. Michelle

Mr. Park

Mr. Bret

Ms. Jalila

Ms. Amanda

Hear from KIS Students

Hear from our students about why KIS is so special, hear about their clubs, projects, favorite memories, and most inspiring experiences:

Veda | G8

Dhruva | G10

Grade 1 and 2

Grade 4 and 5

Hwandong | G11

Yama | G8

Yadin | EY3

Treasure | G8