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KIS Parents Association

KIS cannot do all that it does for students without the help of parents.

KIS firmly believes that parents play a vital role in the education of their children and encourages a healthy cooperative parent-school relationship. We are supported by a parent community, the KIS Parents Association (KISPA), that is extremely active in school life including extracurricular activities, classroom support, field trips, community service and community building. At KIS we are a community with families at the core. To meet or talk with our KISPA parent reps, please click here.

At the beginning of the year, KISPA typically hosts a welcome back event. This is a great time for returning families to reunite as well as get to know new families.

They continue to welcome new parents throughout the year connecting the lines of communications to the different departments within KIS. KISPA is a fantastic bridge connecting the parents with the school in what is a very important aspect of any child’s education.

KISPA’s charity work gives back to the community while creating strong relationships between the parents at KIS. They also host events, celebrations and holiday parties.

Once you join KIS, you are automatically a member of KISPA!