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KIS House System

KIS has a House System in place from EY1 to Grade 12. All academic staff and students are assigned to one of four houses which are named after famous characters from ancient Thai mythology: Tosakan (the green giant), Erawan (the three headed elephant), Hanuman (the Monkey King), and Naga (a mythical giant serpent). Brothers and sisters are all assigned to the same House, and students stay in the same House throughout their time at KIS. 

The House system is used to create community at KIS, and to help build relationships between students in the same grade and across grades, as well as to create leadership opportunities. Events that are designed to build school spirit and create a sense of fun and community typically occur through the House System. 

Common events include things like: Sports Day, talent competitions, lunch time games and competitions, Spirit Week events, and social media challenges. The House system is a great way for community members to have fun, get to know each other, and be engaged in school in a way that isn’t just focused on academics.