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Extracurricular Activities

KIS also offers a wide range of after-school activities for every grade level, starting with our three year olds in Early Years 1, providing all students with opportunities to try a variety of activities, helping develop their passion and have fun!

Primary School

The Primary School Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) offer daily activities after school for all grade levels, from the Early Years to G5. A range of activities including arts, crafts, dance, instrumental music, IT, science exploration, sports, cooking, and games are provided to expand upon and develop new student interests.

Secondary School

Secondary Student-Led Clubs and Extracurricular Activities are offered to Grade 6 to Grade 12 students. 

Student - Led Clubs
The Student Led Clubs are initiated and led by students with teacher advisors. Students Led Clubs are a vital part of the Secondary School, and students are encouraged to become involved. The Clubs give students a space in which students can be active learners, effective communicators, productive individuals, and active problem solvers who are involved with their school community.

Extracurricular Activities (ECAs)
The ECAs are run by our faculty, external providers, and/or competent and responsible adults. The Extracurricular Activities are designed to compliment student’s regular school day during non-school hours by providing a range of high-quality activities to support student learning and development, including tutoring, academic enrichment, community service opportunities, as well as music, arts, sports, and cultural activities.